18 people injured in ‘misconception of knife attack on the way to work’… Man in his 30s booked

Two weeks ago, there was an accident in which 18 passengers were injured due to a mistaken report that a knife attack had occurred in a crowded subway on the way to work.
At the time, a man wearing a black hoodie and a mask was pushing passengers, and the police are currently arresting this man and investigating.
Reporter Park Hye-bin reports exclusively.

A man wearing a black hood runs through the train, pushing passengers, and

passengers trying to avoid the man run into the next car.

After a while, the train doors open and the passengers rush out.

It was misunderstood that the man was carrying a weapon and causing메이저놀이터 trouble in the subway.

▶ Standing: Park Hye-bin / Reporter
– “Hundreds of startled passengers jumped out of the train at once, and 18 people were injured in the process.”

During this process, some passengers suffered injuries such as being stepped on, having torn eyelids, and broken teeth.

▶ Interview: Jaewook Lee / Dangsan-dong, Seoul
– “(After the knife attack) I hear loud noises around me, so I run away from the place. I think I still live with anxiety.”

There was a report response manual, including emergency call devices and station staff to prepare for emergencies in the subway, but there were no reports.

▶ Interview (☎): Seoul Transportation Corporation official
– “Manuals are in place. Once a report is received, the system is activated, but in this case, it was not entered.”

The Seoul Central Police Station plans to book a man in his 30s on charges of assault causing bodily harm and obstruction of business and conduct a detailed investigation into the circumstances.

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