2nd base unscathed → cleanup → first win of the season… Park Jung-soo “I thought I would block it unconditionally”

“I thought I would block it unconditionally.”

Doosan met Samsung and played 11 overtime matches. The end result is victory. Kim Jae-ho (38) gave the team victory by hitting the final hit. On the other side of that, there is a good fight by Park Jeong-soo (27). It is no exaggeration to say that he could not have won without Park Jeong-soo.

Doosan won the 2023 KBO League regular season at Jamsil Stadium on the 25th in the last game of the 3-game series against Samsung on the 25th, and won 4-3 through Kim Jae-ho’s left-handed hit that broke out at the end of the 11th inning.

It is a 3-game winning series. In the first leg, they won 7-5 come-from-behind, and lost 1-6 the day before. On this day, I finished with 2 wins and 1 loss while writing a reversal drama again. I was able to go into three consecutive weekend matches with a good feeling.

As expected, the main character is Kim Jae-ho. In the bottom of the 11th inning, with two outs and bases loaded, he struck a timely hit to the left against Hong Jeong-woo. Just like that, the game was over. It is a 4-3 victory for Doosan.

He became the main character of the 14th issue of this season and the 1260th ending hit in his career. Personally, it’s the 4th. It is the final hit made 1083 days after the Jamsil KIA match on June 6, 2020.

Jaeho Kim is not the only one. We need to look back at the 11th inning. In the 3-3 situation, Lee Byung-hun came up. He gave Oh Jae-il a walk, and Ahn Joo-hyung, the runner, stood. While making a check error, he was safely driven to second base.

Here, Doosan lowered Lee Byung-hun and raised Park Jeong-soo. In May, he is recording 3.2 scoreless innings in 2 games. The face was fine.

It lived up to expectations. First of all, I gave Kim Tae-goon a sacrifice bunt. 1st and 3rd base. However, he struck out looking by using a surprise curve against Kim Young-woong. 2 out 3 base. He blocked pinch hitter Kim Hyeon-joon with a foul fly to the left fielder and ended the inning.

The winning run came in the bottom of the 11th inning, and Park Jung-soo became the winning pitcher. Including this day’s performance, it was 4 games of the season, 7.2 innings, 1 win, and an average ERA of 1.17. It is showing the best start since coming to Doosan. Coach Lee Seung-yeop also praised Park Jeong-soo’s guts for pitching without a loss in a crisis situation.”

After the game, Park Jeong-soo said, “It was a difficult situation, but I climbed the mound with the determination to ‘stop it unconditionally’. I’m glad you blocked it well. After the top of the 11th inning, the atmosphere on the bench was desperate. I also really cheered for the team victory, not an individual.”

Regarding his physical condition,먹튀검증 he said, “I am in good condition, and there is no sore spot. The flow was always good, but it collapsed when I got sick, but in the training part, you pay a lot of attention and I’m digesting the schedule well,” he emphasized.

In addition, “It is true that I was nervous because I did not have much experience in important situations. If he continues to pitch well, he might be able to pitch in important situations. I will prepare harder.”

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