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Pep Guardiola

commented on João Cancelo, who was booed by home fans.

Manchester City won 3-0 in the first leg of the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League (UCL) against Bayern Munich. A tight match was expected, but Man City showed overwhelming performance and completely defeated Munich at home.

Director Thomas Tuchel didn’t have much to do. To turn the score around 0-1 in the middle of the second half, Sadio Mane made his first change. However, after losing consecutively to Bernardo Silva and Elling Holland, the defeat deepened. At the end of the second half, coach Tuchel tried to reap the beauty of the end by using two replacement cards.

In this process, one player’s input drew attention. The main character was Cancelo. Cancelo, who had been with Man City until the first half of this season, joined Munich through the winter transfer window.

The reaction was not good. Man City fans booed Cancelo, who returned to the Etihad Stadium in about three months. Because the process of his leaving was not so pleasant. According to local media such as the ‘Manchester Evening News’, Cancelo was dissatisfied with his playing time and was reported to have directly conveyed his request to manager Guardiola. From the perspective of Man City fans, they thought that Cancelo, who only thought of individual interests, not the team, was selfish.

The booing towards Cancelo reached even Guardiola’s ears. Afterwards, he opened up about Cancellu through a press conference.온라인바카라 He said: “I think the fans will be very grateful to Cancelo. He received a great reception here. The booing came out because he met him as an opponent. Cancelo has been and will be an important player for us in the future. “We must not forget how important Cancelo was to us during the previous season. His quality is beyond question.”

Cancelo will return to Manchester City at the end of this season. A full transfer option is included, but Munich are hesitant to pay that amount. Considering the recent position, the possibility that Munich will fully embrace Cancelu is close to ‘0’.

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