‘4th transfer → equipped with strong serve’ 26-year-old setter’s ambition “As the opportunity came, I gained confidence” 

I already experienced 3 trades in 6 seasons. Still, the heart of Lee Ho-gun (26) was not broken.

He competed for the starting lineup every year. However, he was one step behind in competition with Noh Jae-wook, Kim Myeong-gwan, and Ha Seung-woo. 토토사이트

He seemed to be repeating himself this year. Following his Korea Electric Power days, I met Noh Jae-wook again. The main setter pointed out by the command tower was again Noh Jae-wook.

However, in the midst of a crisis with the team sinking to the bottom, another opportunity came to Lee Hogan. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance coach Kim Sang-woo started Lee Ho-gun for two consecutive matches against the Korea Electric Power Corporation on the 20th following the last Woori Card match. On this day, Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance won a set score 3-1 victory over KEPCO, escaping a 7-game losing streak. He pierced the hearts of the frustrated fans.

Lee Ho-gun, who we met after the match, said, “I didn’t get a chance at Woori Card. When I came to Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, I tried to make up for my shortcomings and change my style. I played a good game today. It was helpful to try to raise the atmosphere during practice. “He was delighted.

The serve was also changed from a floater to a spike serve. On this day, he recorded two sub-aces and harassed the opponent’s receive line along with Shin Shin-ho (3) and Ikbairi (2).

Coach Kim pointed out Ho-gun Lee as the main character of the victory, saying, “The attack pattern was very visible. I instructed Ho-gun Lee to focus on the distribution of the ball. The team worked well with Ikbairi.”

Lee Ho-gun laughed, saying, “At first, I made a lot of mistakes and it was difficult, but lately I’ve had fun. I’m doing better because of that. I got a little lucky today.”

Before the game, coach Kim Sang-woo gave an instruction to ‘stop the opponent’s blocking by making a lot of quick attacks in the center’. Hogun Lee reciprocated that trust. He actively used the center attack and saved both wings. Ikhbairi had his best game of the year.“I tried to help the striker get a good RBI. Today, Ikbairi handled bad balls well and scored points. So I became more confident. If you have the will to do it, the fighting will come out big and you can enjoy the game.”