5 crowns? What is the meaning of the 5 stars engraved on Lee Jung-hoo’s glove?

Lee Jeong-hoo (25, Kiwoom Heroes) had a deep relationship with the number ‘5’ last season (2022). 

First hitting title count. Batting average (0.349), hits (193), RBI (113), on-base percentage (0.421) and slugging percentage (0.575) were ranked first in five categories. In 2010, Lee Dae-ho (retired) won 7 crowns, excluding stolen bases, and was the next most multi-crown. At the ‘2022 KBO League Awards Ceremony’ held after the Korean Series, his appearance with five trophies on the podium was truly majestic. 

The second is the history of winning Golden Globes. From the 2018 season, which was the second year, he became the winner in the outfield category for 5 consecutive years. It was tied with the previous record of the most consecutive Golden Glove awards by an outfielder held by the late ‘batting master’ Jang Hyo-jo. Of course, he also has a total of 5 awards in his career. Lee Jung-hoo also received the most votes and percentage of votes among the award winners in 2022 with a total vote rate of 97.1% (304 out of 313 votes) at the awards ceremony. 

In addition, the number of saves (5), the number of on-base hits (5), and so on. 

At the World Baseball Classic (WBC) held in March, Lee Jung-hoo began to engrave the Taegeuk mark and 5 stars on his glove. After returning to his team (Kiwoom) and playing the season, Taegeuk mark is wearing a glove that is not engraved. 

What does the engraved 5 stars mean? According to the club officials, it is said to be the Golden Glove number. It is a kind of consideration for a supply company. Two stars are engraved on the glove of Kim Hee-seong, who is wearing the same brand. Kim Hye-seong is the first player in the history of the KBO League to win shortstop (2021 season) and second baseman (2022 season) at the same time. 

The star engraved on the uniform is a kind of decoration and pride. In other sports or other leagues, stars may be engraved on the uniform according to the number of victories. 

After this season,토스카지노 Lee Jung-hoo announced that he would advance to the Major League (MLB). There are still many leather blanks on his glove to engrave stars on. At least 5 more can be engraved. 

Lee Jung-hoo was a bit stagnant at the beginning of this season. The aftermath of the World Baseball Classic (WBC) schedule and back pain from the beginning of the season remain. However, he rebounded last week by leading the team to victory with 3 hits and 4 RBIs against the KIA Tigers on the 14th and a two-run home run in the KIA 3rd game on the 16th.   

Can Lee Jung-hoo receive his 6th Golden Glove in the KBO and engrave one more star? It’s still too early to comment, but he’s always the number one candidate.

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