7 games without a win, falling ‘famous’ Suwon… Is this the ‘responsibility’ of the director alone?

There are no wings to fall.

Suwon Samsung, led by coach Lee Byung-geun, is still far from winning the first game. 2 draws and 5 losses in 7 games. They only managed to secure 2 points in 7 matches. They defeated Ansan Greeners 3-1 in the Korea Football Association (FA) Cup, but that was all.

This is the worst start. Suwon, who experienced the promotion playoffs (PO) for the first time since its foundation last season, is repeating sluggishness this season as well.

This season, unlike previous years, Kim Bo-kyung, Basani, and Mulich were recruited, and despite the increase in power, there is a problem with the sluggish performance. There may be regrets about Oh Hyun-gyu (Celtic)’s vacancy, but the resource the club chose through the transfer fee is Mulich. This means that the responsibility lies with the club.

After losing against Jeju, coach Lee said, “I also have shortcomings. He must be held accountable for the outcome. I think I have to take responsibility because I made a mistake,” he said of his concerns about his future. Coach Lee seems to be an extension of what he said after standing in front of the fans after the 4th round of Daejeon Hana Citizen (1-3 loss), “I will take responsibility according to the results in April.”

However, Suwon is facing another ‘super match’, so it is burdensome to change the command tower. The ‘Super Match’ is a rivalry between FC Seoul and FC Seoul.

The result of the ‘Super Match’ has no choice but to be sensitively accepted by Suwon fans as well as the club. For this reason, former coaches’ fortunes changed before and after the ‘Super Match’. Manager Park Geon-ha, who appeared as a firefighter after manager Lim-saeng resigned, said ‘Super Match’ was his debut match, and put down his baton after losing in ‘Super Match’.

Suwon supporters are not only boycotting cheering, but also raising stakes for criticism. On the hanger, ‘Fronts, coaches, and players without ambition, get out immediately. He raised the level of criticism towards the club, saying that Suwon has always refused to be third-rate and that it is a front that has been hiding behind the players for several years.

It cannot be said that director Lee is not responsible for the current slump. However, you cannot simply place the blame on the director. It is quite complacent to think that something will change just by simply changing the director.스포츠토토 The crisis can be overcome immediately, but it is not a fundamental solution.

It was the same last season. This is because we cannot guarantee that the same thing will not be repeated in the second half and next season. It seems that it will take a considerable amount of time to regain the modifier ‘prestigious’ without major changes to the club, including front renewal. Just as falling has no wings, Suwon’s fall is endless. This is the current address of Suwon, which claimed itself as a ‘prestigious’ club.

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