’70m dribble’ breaks the “slow” prejudice… Lee Kang-in’s night with multi-goals

My sister and the fans all cheered together. The first goal was amazing, but this goal, sprinting 70m, was also picturesque. Because of this scene, Lee Kang-in got the title of ‘King’.

This is reporter Oh Seon-min.


<Mallorca 3:1 Getafe|Spain La Liga>

In the 11th minute of the second half, the goalkeeper scored the equalizer when he rushed into the ball and ran into it.

His positioning and quickness were good, but the start of his goal was actually his own toes.

He took the ball away with an instant breakthrough, and the opportunity he created only reached Lee Kang-in again.

With quick dribbling and witty release of pressure, he not only showed a scene that comes to mind when thinking of ‘Lee Kang-in’, but also a bold right-footed shot, not the main shot. It was this scene that excited everyone.

In the second half of extra time, when a colleague kicked the ball, he turned around and started running, and he shook the net with just six touches.

What’s even more surprising is that the defenders couldn’t close the one-step gap all the way while sprinting for about 70m.먹튀검증

It broke the prejudice that ‘speed and stamina are weak’ at once.

[Javier Aguire/Mallorca Director: Lee Kang-in is showing his best skills now. He is an important player who also scores points.]

With this, Lee Kang-in became the first Korean player to score multiple goals in La Liga.

La Liga praised him as the “designer of victory” and selected him as the best player in the game, and the Spanish media gave him a perfect rating as “a great hero”.

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