A chance to make your mark… Who are the youngest members who received an invitation to the 1st team spring camp?

Ahead of the spring camp that starts on February 1, each club has confirmed the first-team and future team camp participants or is about to announce state. As this year, all clubs (based on first team) prepare for the 2023 season abroad as they escape from the aftermath of Corona 19. It’s been 3 years.

Camps are held in the United States, Japan, and Australia, and teams going to the United States are scheduled to play practice matches with the Korean national team to participate in the World Baseball Classic (WBC). The national team players will start training in their teams at the beginning of the spring camp, but will gather in Arizona in mid-February and start warming up.

Expectations for this year’s camp are high for both the coaching staff and players as they can prepare for the season in a more confident physical condition than ever before. In particular, the ‘new players’, who have not made their first-team debut but have the opportunity to accompany their seniors, are excitedly waiting for training.

In the ‘defending champion’ SSG Landers, a total of four new players (Roun Lee, Youngjin Song, Minjun Kim, and Jungmin Kim) will head to Florida, USA, where the first team will stay. Last year, 22 pitchers boarded the plane to the United States, including rookies Kim Do-hyun, Shin Heon-min, and Yoon Tae-hyun.

On the morning of the 21st, the first day of the Lunar New Year holiday, Kiwoom Heroes also released the list of participants for the spring camp between Arizona (Group 1) and Kaohsiung, Taiwan (Future Steam). Among the rookies this year, pitcher Kim Kun-hee, catcher Kim Dong-heon, and outfielder Song Jae-seon will welcome the spring camp with first-team players.

Rather, some key players such as Choi Won-tae, Jeon Byung-woo, Song Seong-moon, Kim Woong-bin, and Lee Yong-gyu prepare for a new season in Taiwan, not the United States. Kiwoom explained that the roster was drawn up with a focus on what the players need, focusing on technical training (USA) and actual combat (Taiwan) 온라인카지노 rather than classification of first team and future team.

In the LG Twins, pitcher Park Myeong-geun was the only rookie to be on the first-team spring camp roster. He is a sidearm pitcher, and he was noticed early in high school to the extent that he could command a fastball with a maximum speed of 150 km. LG hopes to follow in the footsteps of Jung Woo-young and grow into a sidearm pitcher representing the club.

Yoon Young-chul (KIA Tigers), who is nominated for the second round in the first round of 2023, also has a spring camp under the guidance of the first team coaching staff. In particular, KIA will hold a total of 8 practice matches between Arizona, USA and Okinawa, Japan, starting with the WBC national team on February 19th. Yoon Young-cheol may also have a chance to get on the mound.

NC Dinos, which is conducting a first-team spring camp in Arizona, USA, also gave new players a chance to participate in the camp. Pitchers Shin Young-woo and Lee Jun-ho, who were nominated 4 times in the first round and 54 times in the 6th round, respectively, are the protagonists.

In the Doosan Bears, which is the only one out of 10 clubs to set up camp in Australia, catcher Junho Yoon was included in the roster. Coach Lee Seung-yeop thought that Doosan needed 22 pitchers, including two foreign pitchers, to leave for Australia at this camp, and that it needed sufficient catcher resources. It was not a decision made because of the relationship made through the JTBC entertainment program <Strongest Baseball>.

Not only the main catcher Yang Eui-ji, who returned to his former team, but also backup catchers with first-team experience, such as Jang Seung-hyun, Park Yoo-yeon, and Ahn Seung-han, will team up with the pitchers. It is not easy for Yoon Junho to receive many opportunities right now, but it is a time where he can learn a lot just by being with his seniors.

In the Hanwha Eagles, pitcher Kim Seo-hyeon and infielder Moon Hyun-bin, who were ‘special rookies’, were named to the first team’s spring camp roster. Director Son Hyuk conveyed a message of encouragement to the young players, saying, “The theme of this spring camp is competition. I hope that the players will show their concentration so that they can finish the camp successfully and take the opening entry.”

In particular, Hanwha is dreaming of a scenario in which last year’s rookie Moon Dong-ju and this year’s rookie Kim Seo-hyun are in charge of the team’s future. Fans are already interested in Kim Seo-hyun, who has expressed her ambition to become the save king through various interviews, and more specifically, has set a goal of 50 saves.

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