A man in his 60s who tried to rape and murder a restaurant owner in his 80s… 30 years imprisonment confirmed

The Supreme Court upheld a 30-year prison sentence for a man in his 60s who killed and fled a restaurant proprietress in Cheongju after trying to rape him.

According to the legal community on the 11th메이저놀이터, the third division of the Supreme Court (Presiding Judge Oh Seok-jun) confirmed the lower court on the 27th of last month that sentenced A to 30 years in prison for violating the Special Act on the Punishment of Sexual Violence Crimes (rape, etc. murder). Restrictions on employment in institutions related to children, youth and the disabled for 10 years and orders to disclose and notify personal information were also confirmed.

On July 22 last year, Mr. A was indicted for attempting to sexually assault the owner in his 80s at a restaurant in Cheongju City, but killing him when the victim resisted. Mr. A ran away leaving the victim alone and she was caught by the police. It was investigated that Mr. A had 12 cases of assault and drunk driving punishment, and at the time of her crime, she was in prison for a probation period for special assault. In court, she denied the allegation, saying there was no intent to commit sexual assault.

The court of first instance sentenced him to life imprisonment. It was because he was guilty and did not reflect.

However, the second trial court commuted the sentence to 30 years in prison on the grounds that the crime was accidental, that Mr. A was reflecting on his murder, and that it was difficult to see that his nature was cruel or outrageous.

Mr. A objected, saying that his sentence was too heavy.

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