A real master thief… My juniors want to play together “It will be the best signing”

There is no sound in the fall of midfielder Eden Hazard (32), who is called Real Madrid’s main thief.

Hazard, who is called the Belgian ‘Golden Generation’ along with wizards Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City) and Romelu Lukaku (Inter Milan), has officially played 4 league games, 1 Copa del Rey, and the European Football Federation wearing a Real uniform this season. Played in 3 Champions League (UCL) matches. A total of 8 games, 1 goal and 1 assist is all.

Hazard’s injuries this season have been glitzy. His leg muscles, shoulders, knees, and other parts are also diverse. Even so, his weekly wage is 416,000 pounds (about 670 million won) and he is taking care of it. He does not change the fact that even if it is an estimate, it is a large amount.

His decline in value was also surprising. Last month, according to Transfermarkt, Azar was valued at 5 million euros (7.1 billion won). October 2018, when he peaked, was 150 million euros (215.4 billion won). It was a brilliant time wearing a Chelsea uniform and burning the last flame in the English Premier League in the 2018-19 season, scoring 16 goals and 15 assists in 37 league games.

Hazard, who left Chelsea for 115 million euros (156 billion won) in the summer of 2019 and wore a Real uniform, failed to control his diet without being able to overcome the temptation of delicious food in Spain, was caught up in controversy over being overweight, and actually lost weight. As he gained weight, his performance dropped sharply.

Fans who wanted to see Hazard, a flexible, flamboyant and sharp genius, called his Chelsea days ‘Leeds days’ and never showed his skills properly at Real.

Even if it is rotten, it seems that he hoped that the juniors of the same trend would recognize the value of Azar and run together. German broadcaster ‘RTL’ reported on the 4th (Korean time) an interview with Belgian striker Royce Offenda (RC Lens) and expressed his willingness to compete with Hazard.

Starting with Bruges, a prestigious club in the Belgian Jupiler League, Offenda has evolved into a goal-scoring machine in Vitesse (Netherlands). Playing for Lens this season, he scored 15 goals and 2 assists in 29 league games, helping the team run for second place. He is also entering his prime, ranking 7th in scoring.

He praised Hazard, saying, “(Lance) will be a great signing. He is my favorite player and he surprised the Belgian national team.”

Lens is trying to go straight to the UCL next season. 1st place Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) is in second place with a gap of 6 points. They are tied on points with 3rd place Olympique Marseille, but ahead on goal difference. In the fierce ranking battle, the key is who can show more accurate decision-making power.

In order to make a goal, it is important to connect the offensive 2nd line. Offenda’s idea is that Azar is the engine that will enhance Lens’ decision power. It has nothing to do with Hazard starting his professional career at Lens’ rivals LOSC Lille.온라인카지노 He expressed his desire to play together, saying, “If you come regardless of your past playing in Lille, it is the best signing for Lens.”

Royce is a future-oriented striker whose value is steadily rising. He has a contract with Lens until the summer of 2027, and his ransom is estimated at 20 million euros (approximately 28.7 billion won). It will take Lens’ determination if his wish to play with Hazard is to come true. Of course, Hazard is full of will to faithfully keep the contract period with Real.

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