Acting Mason supports Heung-Min Son who was racist… “If you cross the line, you will be punished”

Tottenham (England) acting manager Ryan Mason emphasized that he would stand by Son Heung-min, who became a victim of racial discrimination, and requested punishment for the perpetrator.

According to Football London, England, acting manager Mason said at a pre-press conference on the 12th (local time) ahead of the 36th round away match against Aston Villa, “Son Heung-min is a wonderful person and I like Son Heung-min as a human being.”

This is a response to the point that a fan of the opposing team made a racist gesture to Son Heung-min in the home game against Crystal Palace in the 35th round.

At that time, in the 44th minute of the second half, Son Heung-min, who was replaced by Arnaut Danjuma and left the ground, tore out his eyes with both hands and became the target of racist acts demeaning Asians.

Acting manager Mason said, “This is not a situation we want to see. We support Sonny (Son Heung-min’s nickname) and all the players on the field.”

He continued, “Players are people who dedicate their lives to entertain us. Anyone who crosses the line must be punished.”

Mason, who commanded Tottenham for the third game in the capacity of ‘acting agent’ after head coach Christian Stellini was sacked from the command tower after a crushing defeat against Newcastle (1-6) in the last 32nd round, is ready to lead the team as an official manager. He also expressed his confidence, saying that he could do it.

“I can say I’m always ready,” said acting manager Mason. “I think I can help the club. That’s my overall opinion and once the team trusts me and puts me in charge, that’s how I feel.”

While Tottenham is looking for a manager to take over the team next season, only Julian Nagelsman, who was recently sacked after leading Germany’s prestigious Bayern Munich, has been selected as a strong candidate.

However, Sky Sports and Football London reported on the same day that the club’s leadership did not consider Nagelsmann as a manager candidate, and that the two sides had never met in person.

It is known that Nagelsmann wanted extensive authority over the recruitment and release of players in the transfer market beyond simple training and tactics.

Acting manager Mason also said he fully agreed with the team’s signature Harry Kane’s ‘remarks of determination’ made at the end of last month.카지노사이트

In an interview with Sky Sports at the time, Kane pointed out that the culture that brought players together within the club was missing after manager Mauricio Pochettino left in 2019.

“I agree with Kane 100%,” said acting manager Mason.

“It can take years to build something, but it doesn’t take long to lose it,” he added. “It’s important that everyone who comes here is looking in the same direction and wants the same goals.”

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