Alert AD “Golden State will return as a different team”

The opponent is too strong to be vigilant.

The Los Angeles Lakers prepare for Game 2 against the Golden State Warriors. The Lakers are the 7th seed in the West and Golden State are the 6th seed in the West. Home-court advantage belongs to Golden State.

However, the story changed as the Lakers caught the first leg held on the 2nd (Korean time) away. Above all, there were many elements in the game that made Lakers fans smile.

LeBron James was sluggish than usual on offense, scoring 22 points, throwing eight 3-pointers and missing seven. Even if you look at the total team 3-point shot, only 6 were successful.

Golden State’s strength, the perimeter attack, broke out. He put in 21, 15 more than the Lakers, with a success rate of 39.6%.

Still, the Lakers won. The difference between victory and defeat is defense.

The Lakers blocked Golden State’s attack under the goal with Anthony Davis’ infinite help defense. Even Stephen Curry had a hard time getting into the paint. Davies flew with 30 points, 23 rebounds, 5 assists and 4 blocked shots, not only in defense but also in offense.

It started off well, but Davis wasn’t excited. “Game 2 is going to be a different game. Golden State will come to adjust what didn’t go in Game 1. We have to respond to that too. The Chase Center, Golden State away, will probably be louder.스포츠토토 Obviously they will go 0-2. “I will continue to play aggressively,” he said.

There’s good reason for Davis to be so wary. Looking at the first game, it was not an easy victory.

The Lakers pulled to 0-14 in the middle of the 4th quarter and allowed a tie with 1:37 left in the game.

The opponent is none other than the ‘Defending Champion’. Davies knows instinctively that this series will not be easy.

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