American murderer who escaped prison by climbing a wall… Police say his appearance has completely changed

Do you remember the prison escapee who바카라사이트 escaped from prison by climbing up both walls using his arms and legs?

On the 10th local time, the Pennsylvania State Police announced, “This prison escapee’s appearance has changed.”

On this day, the police said, “On the 9th, Cavalcante was seen in the northern area of ​​Chester County near Phoenixville. He was seen clean-shaven and wearing a fluorescent-colored top, a black hat, green jumpsuit pants, and white shoes.” .

The police explained that Cavalenta had grown a beard when he escaped from prison, and that he changed his appearance because he was worried about being caught after being seen twice after escaping.

Police have warned him not to let down his guard as Cavalenta, who has changed his appearance, could steal his vehicle and other vehicles.

Meanwhile, Danello Cavalenta, from Brazil, was serving a life sentence in Chester County Jail for the 2021 murder of his girlfriend. He escaped from prison on the 31st of last month and is still on the run.

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