“Athletes’ Village in 2018, Japan in 2019”… Lee Da-young, who posted a sexual assault manual, why?

Lee Da-young, a professional volleyball player who continues to expose her senior Kim Yeon-kyung, left a message on SNS this time by sharing the ‘Manual to Prevent and Response to Sexual Violence in the Workplace’.

On the 23rd, Lee Da-young wrote on her Instagram, “Sometimes words are sharper than swords and leave scars for a long time.”

According to the manual, sexual harassment in the workplace is an act in which employers, superiors, or workers give other workers sexual humiliation, disgust, or disadvantages in employment for reasons of noncompliance by taking advantage of situations related to their position or work in the workplace.

In particular, Lee Da-young captured examples of sexual speech and behavior, which are the criteria for judging sexual harassment in the workplace, and details of damage caused by sexual harassment.

Physical acts include △kissing, hugging, touching certain body parts △acts of forcing massage or caress, and △verbal acts include △lewd jokes or lewd and vulgar stories △evaluation of appearance or sexual It includes acts likening or referring to body parts △acts of asking about sexual facts or intentionally spreading sexual information. It is written that △ the act of forcing or conciliating sexual relations △ the act of forcibly sitting next to you at a dinner party and forcing you to pour alcohol.

Previously, Lee Da-young mentioned Kim Yeon-kyung on his Instagram on the 19th when he specifically revealed the story of being bullied by his netizens.

A netizen said to Lee Da-young, “Do you not remember that ‘school violence’ (school violence) broke out while trying to shoot Kim Yeon-kyung?” He asked me not to be interested in others, but why did you bother me while caring about others?”

Then Lee Da-young said, “Sniper? You seem to be a fan of Kim Yeon-kyung, but I lived with swearing in my mouth from before, and bullying is standard, and the national 메이저놀이터team treated me as a bar girl in front of the kids.”

She also added, “I treated him as an invisible person because of the breakup, and I never hit him while practicing on the ball.”

He continued, “I don’t know how hard it was for me.”

Then, he said, “I really want to apologize for the mistakes I made when I was young,” and “I want to kneel down and apologize to that friend, but you shouldn’t talk about Kim Yeon-kyung like this.”

On the 18th, Lee Da-young also posted a screenshot of her KakaoTalk conversation capture on Instagram, referring to an interview article by Lee Jae-young, her twin sister Lee Jae-young, a media specializing in volleyball,’The Spike’. She then explained that this captured screen was of a conversation with Kim Yeon-kyung.

Looking at the photo, Lee Da-young said to ‘Kim’ at 12:02 am, “I’m really having a hard time. Every day I practiced, I was scared and frightened,” she said, sending a long message, saying, “Everyone knows what my sister dislikes and dislikes during matches and practices, but it was so hard.”

He also said, “I didn’t do anything really well, and I keep doing things that I would hate to annoy my sister, so I know that my sister is more like that.” So if she’s a sister and she’s even a little bit offended, she’ll do it,” he added.

“If I do anything wrong, please scold me, I will be more careful. Good night sister.”

In response, the other person marked as ‘Kim’ said, “Just endure it even if it’s difficult and scary for me to do that. I don’t like you and I bear with it even if it’s uncomfortable… .” he replied.

On the other hand, before the disclosure of sisters Lee Da-young and Lee Jae-young, Kim Yeon-kyung’s side predicted a hard-line response. On the 16th, Kim Yeon-kyung’s agency Ryanat said, “We will respond strongly to press releases and YouTubers that are maliciously written and distributed about Kim Yeon-kyung.”

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