Barça could be more powerful… Can you see the ‘Messi + Levandop combination’?

If the transfer rumored players join, Barcelona may become more powerful than they are now.

On the 14th (Korean time), the football statistics media ‘Transfermarkt’ predicted how the Barcelona starting list would be formed if the players rumored to be transferred actually joined. Three people joined the existing lineup. These are Lionel Messi (PSG), Ilkay Gundogan (Man City), and Inigo Martinez (Bilbao).

Messi is a Barcelona legend. He has dedicated himself to playing for about 20 years since his youth in La Masia. He left behind great achievements such as winning the Spanish La Liga 10 times and winning the European Football Association (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) 4 times, and scored 672 goals and 303 assists in 778 official matches for Barcelona. I expected to stay in Barcelona, ​​but negotiations broke down due to financial problems, and after a tearful press conference, I went to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

Gundogan grew up in Bochum and Nuremberg and has been playing for Dortmund since 2011. He led Dortmund’s renaissance. He was a key midfielder. He had great passing ability and had a good tactical understanding of moving forward and digging into space in an instant. He went to Manchester City in 2016 and has been playing for 7 years. As he heads into his mid-30s, there’s a lot of talk about him leaving Manchester City.

Martinez is an experienced centre-back in La Liga. Although he was not tall, he was good at acquiring the ball in the air and was distinctive because he was left-footed. He made a name for himself playing for Real Sociedad for seven years before moving on to Athletic Bilbao in 2018. Even when he was at Sociedad and when he was playing in Bilbao,안전놀이터 there were rumors of a transfer to a big club.

All three are linked with Barcelona with a high possibility of leaving the team. If Messi returns, it will bring a huge topic. ‘TransferMarkt’ expected Ansu Fati, Robert Lewandowski and Messi to form an attacking team together. Lewandowski and Messi breathing are the combination everyone expects.

Pablo Garvey and Frenkie the Yong are located in Gundogan and midfield, and Martinez has built a center back line with Ronald Arauho, who has emerged as the core of the defense. It is a stronger lineup than now. Barcelona fans are hoping the transfer rumors become reality.

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