‘Batting average beat home run’ Araez, No. 1 in batting power rankings

Among the factors that usually determine a hitter’s power ranking, power is the most important factor. Many indicators are important, but home runs are an indispensable part of a hitter’s performance.

However, if the accuracy of the hit exceeds the normal standard, it may hit a home run. This is the case with Luis Araez, who currently leads the majors in batting average.

On the 8th (Korean time),먹튀검증 MLB.com, the official homepage of Major League Baseball, selected and announced 10 batter power rankings. Araez with one home run took the top spot.

The reason why Araez has surpassed so many outstanding hitters to this position is, of course, his batting average. Araez broke through the 40% batting average on the 7th and recorded 0.403 on the 8th.

A hitter who can challenge the 400 batting average again appeared. The last time a .400 batting average came out in the major leagues was in 1941. Ted Williams scored 0.406.

After Williams, numerous hitters tried to hit .400, but all failed in the end. The closest a player has come is Tony Gwynn, who scored 0.394 in 1994.

Araez, who is in his 5th year in the major leagues, recorded a batting average of 0.334 in 2019, his debut season, and showed the best in terms of accuracy early on.

In addition, Araez also stopped the American League Most Valuable Player (MVP) Aaron Judge’s triple crown with a batting average of 0.316 last year, his first full-time season.

If Araez continues his recent sense of hitting, it is expected that the heat will be added to the possibility of the birth of a 40% hitter who was thought not to appear anymore.

Meanwhile, in this Power Ranking, Araez was followed by Ronald Acuña Jr., Freddy Freeman, Jordan Alvarez, Yandi Diaz, Bo Bisset, JD Martinez, Mookie Betts, Marcus Simeon, and Pete Alonso.

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