Bento nominated as a candidate for the next EPL manager…”Impressive performance in Korea”

Former coach Paulo Bento, who led the Korean national team to the World Cup round of 16, was named as a candidate for the English Premier League (EPL) manager.

Director Bento reaped the beauty of Yoo Jong and withdrew from Korean coaching. Coach Bento, who took over as coach of the Korean national football team in August 2018, took the concept of ‘leading football’ and built the team step by step, emphasizing share and build-up.

It was football of perseverance and faith. Despite facing criticism that his player selection was not flexible, coach Bento consistently appointed players that matched his football style and based on this, he created a performance that could lead against any team.

In the end, the true value was revealed at the World Cup. In the Asian qualifiers for the 2022 International Football Federation (FIFA) World Cup in Qatar, 메이저사이트 they confirmed their entry into the finals most comfortably in history, and showed strong performances against Uruguay, Ghana and Portugal in the World Cup finals. In the end, Korea advanced to the round of 16 in second place after Portugal with one win, one draw and one loss.

In the round of 16 against Brazil, he lost 1-4 and knelt down. However, under Bento’s guidance, Korea gained the confidence to play ‘leading football’ for the first time in the World Cup, giving hope to Korean football.

That’s how Bento’s journey ended. Coach Bento, who has been with Korean soccer for about four years, is now looking for a job after returning to his homeland, Portugal, in December of last year as his contract expires.

Leading clubs in Europe are interested in Bento, who played an active part in the World Cup. In particular, he is being discussed as a candidate for the Premier League managerial position. The British media’The Athletic’ also put Bento as a candidate in the list of candidates for the next Premier League manager. The media mentioned Bento’s name and said, “Paulo Bento’s lack of experience in English football is a disadvantage, but his performance in Korea should be highly evaluated. In addition, he speaks fluent English and is expected to be a candidate for the managerial position of a Premier League club. can,” he said.

Meanwhile, following Bento’s name, other candidates also competed. Other candidates mentioned include Ruben Amoril, who currently leads Sporting CP, Luis Enrique, who coached Spain, Roberto Martinez, who coached Belgium, and Marcelo Bielsa, who recently headed Leeds United.

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