Birth of ‘Catcher’s Home Run King’ in 19 years? Park Dong-won’s ‘Shinbaram Baseball’

Will there be a ‘catcher’s home run king’ in baseball in 19 years? This is the story of Park Dong-won, who leads LG’s ‘Shinbaram Baseball’,스포츠토토 playing the role of a team’s solver as well as stable defense

[LG 8:3 SSG|Incheon Munhak Stadium (Yesterday)]

Park Dong-won hit a home run from the first at-bat in the first inning.

In the top of the 8th inning, he attacked a low slider and made another big home run.

This is already the second multi-home run this month.

Although it is the beginning of the season, fans’ expectations have risen as they have 12 homers and 1st place, 3 ahead of 2nd place.

[Park Dong-won/LG: I honestly don’t know. I think I sometimes wonder about myself.]

In fact, Park Dong-won once caused controversy with a dangerous swing that hit the opponent catcher or let go of the bat,

[Lee Dae-ho / Lotte (2020): (Because of the bat ) People die!]

Under the analysis that strength is good, but sophistication is poor, this year… The batting form has been made more concise.

[Yeom Gyeong-yeop/LG director: I always think that I receive it with my pelvis and hit it with my pelvis. {Yes.}]

In addition, LG battery coach Kyung-Wan Park, who was the catcher’s home run king twice, was also a great help.

As he learned how to hit the ball up, he increased his hitting over the fence.

However, as summer approaches, the most difficult time for catchers, it is homework to continue the current trend even in the hot season.

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