Brentford FW, ‘ranked 3rd in scoring this season’, suspended for 8 months for violating betting charges

Brentford striker Ivan Toni has been suspended for eight months.

Brentford said on the club website on the 18th (Korean time), “The club informs Tony of the decision of the Independent Regulatory Council to immediately issue an eight-month suspension from all football and soccer-related activities. FA) charged with violating Rule E8.”

British public broadcaster ‘BBC’ said, “Tony was banned from football activities for 8 months for violating the FA’s betting rules. I was fined and warned.”

“Tony’s suspension begins immediately. However, he can return to training at Brentford on September 17th, four months before the suspension ends. And he will not be able to play until January 17th, 2024.” added.

English national Tony made his professional debut at Northampton Town (England 4th division). After playing for three seasons, he moved to Newcastle United, but he didn’t show much performance. It was after the transfer of Peter Rubber that he showed his potential. At the time, Tony was in the spotlight by exploding 40 goals in two seasons.

Due to this performance, in the summer of 2020, he made a new nest in Brentford. He was recruited as a replacement for Olly Watkins (→ Aston Villa) and received great expectations. He was a second division scoring monster. At the time, Brentford was in the EFL Championship (second division), and Tony broke the EFL record for most goals with 33 goals and 10 assists, winning the EFL Player of the Year award along with the Golden Boot. He also led the team to promotion after 74 years.

It also worked on the stage of the English Premier League (EPL). Tony contributed greatly to the team’s retention by scoring 12 goals and 5 assists in his first EPL stage. This season has grown even more. So far, he has scored 20 EPL goals and is ranked third in the scoring rankings after Elling Holland (36 goals) and Harry Kane (27 goals).토스카지노

However, he was suspended for 8 months for violating the FA’s betting rules. Tony was charged with 263 betting offenses (withdrawals after 30) between February 25, 2017 and January 23, 2021. Regarding this, Tony said through personal SNS, “I am disappointed with the ruling. I will not comment further until the Independent Regulatory Commission announces a written reason. I will focus on returning to the game.”

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