Britney’s ‘humiliation’?… He was assaulted for asking an NBA prospect for a photo.

Pop star Britney Spears (41) followed American메이저놀이터 professional basketball ( NBA ) star Victor Wembanyama (19) in Las Vegas, USA and asked to take a picture with him, but was assaulted by Wembanyama’s security team leader. It happened. According to the US entertainment media TMZ and US

Weekly on the 6th (local time) , at 8:30 pm the previous day, Spears was entering a restaurant with her husband and others at the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas, and found basketball player Wem Van Yama nearby. and came closer. Spears, who is usually a fan of Wemban Yama, lightly tapped the tall Wemban Yama’s back and right shoulder to ask if they could take a picture together. Then, the security team leader of Wembanyama’s team, the San Antonio Spurs, instantly hit Spears hard. Spears was hit in the face and fell to the floor, and the sunglasses he was wearing also fell to the floor. Initially, witnesses said that the San Antonio Spurs’ security team leader hit Spears in the face, but as a result of police reviewing the security camera video at the scene, the security team leader hit Spears’ hand so hard that Spears’ hand hit his face. TMZ said. Afterwards, Spears sat at a reserved restaurant table, and the security team leader who hit Spears came and apologized and explained that he did not recognize Spears at the time of the incident.

However, Spears’ security team reported him to the police for assault.

French basketball player Wembanyama is a super-promising player in the NBA . He was drafted with the first pick in the rookie draft last month and joined the San Antonio Spurs. Despite his unusually tall stature, he shoots stably during his dribble and shows flexible movements like a guard and forward, and is evaluated as the ‘talent of the century’ by basketball officials and fans around the world.

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