Cho Kyu-seong – Sejingya, ‘Streak Challenge Jeonbuk’ VS ‘6G Undefeated March’ at the tip of the Daegu spear

 Cho Kyu-sung and Sejing-ya challenge Jeonbuk Hyundai and Daegu FC to score points. 

Jeonbuk Hyundai and Daegu FC will face off in the 17th round of Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023, which will be held at Jeonju World Cup Stadium on the 7th. Jeonbuk is 8th with 6 wins, 3 draws and 7 losses with 21 points, while Daegu is 5th with 6 wins, 6 draws and 4 losses with 24 points. 

In the last round, Jeonbuk won a complete 2-0 victory over Ulsan Hyundai, which is leading the K-League 1. 

Jeonbuk, which has relatively low power, played the game with a lot of crouching against Ulsan. However, the atmosphere was changed by putting in Cho Kyu-sung and Amano Jun. In particular, in the 38th minute of the second half, Jeonbuk shook the net by connecting Jun Amano’s cross with a header by Cho Kyu-seong, who was in front of the goal. Soon, Jeonbuk took advantage of the urgent gap in Ulsan to drive a wedge. In the second half of the extra time, Jeonbuk got a chance to counterattack, and Moon Seon-min, who received a pass from Song Min-gyu, scored a key goal. In the end, Jeonbuk won 2-0 against Ulsan.  

Jeonbuk, who recently won the most attention in the K-League 1, the ‘Hyundai Family Derby’, is full of confidence. It wasn’t just a rivalry. Ulsan Hyundai was ahead with 41 wins, 29 draws and 40 losses against Hyundai, and the atmosphere completely changed as they took the lead in the K-League 1. He seized an opportunity to turn around to earn a full-fledged victory. 

Jeonbuk acting manager Kim Doo-hyun said after the game, “It’s a difficult situation, but we are in a position to rebound. I think the result of this match was good in a situation where we have to ride the atmosphere or flow.” “I don’t want the players to be satisfied because they have to bounce back. The moment they are satisfied, there is a gap. It’s difficult to light the fire again. I hope the players will be aware and maintain the current atmosphere, win streaks, and improve until the new coach comes.” I hoped to keep the atmosphere without doing it.

Cho Kyu-seong scored a goal and got on the national team. In addition, the atmosphere of the entire team changed as he actively played. The defense also gained a relatively high momentum by winning a scoreless victory against the Ulsan attack team, which showed explosive performance. Therefore, the atmosphere of Jeonbuk, which wants to win a streak through Daegu, is different than ever. 

Daegu won a thrilling victory over Seoul in the last round. In the 14th minute of the first half, Ko Jae-hyeon caught the ball that Edgar dropped with his head. In addition, Sejingya, who received a pass from Koh Jae-hyeon, scored the winning goal with a right-footed shot. With this victory, Daegu went on an undefeated streak of 3 wins and 2 draws in the last 5 matches. Daegu’s momentum also rose significantly through the victory over Seoul. Not only did they go undefeated, but as they leaped to the top, the atmosphere of the players completely changed. 먹튀검증

Daegu tasted victory in the first game against Jeonbuk at home this season. Kim Jin-hyeok and Sejingya scored consecutive goals to secure a complete victory. Jeonbuk’s performance is improving recently, but they have a strong will to win the away game. The will to challenge for victory beyond the undefeated march is strong.

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