Chuncheon City Disabled Sports Association Wheelchair Basketball Team, Goyang Holt Boat sortie

The Chuncheon City Disabled Sports Association’s wheelchair basketball team (Chuncheon Wheelchair Basketball Team) will be competing in its first competition this year.

The Chuncheon Wheelchair Basketball Team, led by coach Donggi Jo, will participate in the ‘Goyang Market Cup 28th Holt National Wheelchair Basketball Championship’ held at the Holt Gymnasium for the Disabled in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do from the 18th. A total of six teams, including Chuncheon Wheelchair Basketball Team, Goyang Holt, Coway Blue Wheels, Daegu Metropolitan City Hall, Jeju Samdasoo, and Suwon Mugunghwa Electronics will compete for the championship.

Chuncheon Wheelchair Basketball Team is a strong candidate for the championship. They have a number of active national team members such as Lee Chi-won (guard), Cho Seung-hyun, Lee Yun-joo, Kim Min-seong (Lee Sang-sang forward), and Kim Sang-yeol (center). He is also the defending champion of this event. The Chuncheon Wheelchair Basketball Team, which won its first national championship in its first three years of existence in this competition last year, will challenge for a second consecutive victory in this competition.

The biggest competitor is, of course, Coway.토토사이트 The Chuncheon Wheelchair Basketball Team kneeled against Coway in both the finals of the National Para Games last year and the championship match of the Wheelchair Basketball League. The Chuncheon Wheelchair Basketball Team was placed in Group B with Coway Blue Wheels and Daegu City Hall in this competition, and unfortunately, they met Coway from the first match. It is a determination to start this year’s tournament fresh by winning the match against Coway, which has a strong revenge nature.

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