Coach Hee-Jung Joo, who was disappointed with the opening 7 consecutive wins, “He matched the opponent’s defense too much”

 They won with 43 runs, but coach Joo Hee-jeong focused on 63 points.

Korea University won 63-43 against Kyunghee University in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League held at Kyunghee University International Campus Sunseunggwan. Korea University, which won valuable victories in the away game, ran 7 consecutive victories in its opening season.

Korea University, who started the game with Moon Jeong-hyeon’s goal, won the game without allowing a single tie. Korea University, which maintained a lead of around 10 points despite Kyunghee University’s pursuit, ended the game with a perfect victory in the fourth quarter.

However, coach Joo Hee-jeong was not satisfied with the 20-point victory. Coach Joo Hee-jung said, “We came to our pace in the second half and played a good game.” The attack we wanted to do didn’t go well and we couldn’t concentrate.” The 63 points Korea University recorded was the team’s lowest score this season, and it was the first game that they failed to score more than 70 points.

Coach Hee-Jung Joo continued, “The field goal rate in the first half was less than 50%. However, the number of attacks was high, so I was able to lead. He added, “It is also regrettable that there were few quick attacks.”

Coach Hee-Jung Joo brought out various guard combinations that day. Among them, it was director Joo Hee-jung who actively utilized the combination of Moon Yoo-hyeon and Park Jung-hwan. Coach Joo Hee-jeong said, “Point guards have a tendency to carry the ball themselves, so if you go with (Park) Jeong-hwan and (Moon) Yoo-hyeon, there are few quick attacks. If one catches it, the other has to run, which is a pity. But the defense is good. (Kim) Do-eun is also good at defense, so I am looking forward to his comeback. He explained that it is the first time to use a lot of guards, but he is trying to adjust gradually.”

Coach Heejeong Joo also praised the players. Coach Hee-jung Joo said, “(Moon) Jeong-hyeon and (Park) Moo-bin have a good attitude towards the game. Lee Dong-geun has a short pitch, but he grows fast.”

Finally, coach Heejeong Joo expressed her determination온라인카지노 saying, “I will show the team color of Korea University by building a good team again with this game as a starting point.”

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