Coexistence of cool-headedness and laughter, the secret to Korean Air’s high-altitude march

Although he completed his 5-game winning streak, he expressed strong regret about the parts that left him with regret. Even so, they joked with each other and burst into laughter. In the interview between Lincoln and Han, we could learn the secret of Korean Air’s high-altitude march.

Korean Air defeated KEPCO with a set score of 3-2 (24-26, 25-17, 25-23, 19-25, 15-11 ) and went on a five-game winning streak. Lincoln Williams (registered name Lincoln) led the attack by scoring 21 points, the most on the team. Player Han played an active role in various fields, not only managing stable matches, but also scoring one block and one serve.

“It always feels good to win,” Lincoln said in an interview after the game. We showed that we are a strong team.” One player continued, “I think we entered the stadium feeling a little pressured. As long as you’re in first place, that kind of pressure is unavoidable. I think the players should overcome well. On this day, I endured well until the end and won the victory.”

Lincoln scored 7 points in the 5th set only on this day, and once again played a big role against KEPCO in the 5th set following the 1st round. When asked about his attitude towards the 5th set, Lincoln replied, “Because the 5th set is a 15-point game, I tend to try to pour out everything I have even if the game doesn’t go my way.”

Regarding how to get rid of the pressure to keep first place, player Han said, “The most important thing is to focus on one game. It is important to focus only on the next upcoming match without dwelling on our position. But young players can be position conscious. I was like that when I was young too. But when you focus on the game, you forget about that.”

Then, one player poured out stories about the parts that were regrettable even though it was a winning game. One player said, “We prepare strategies through a lot of analysis before a game, but no game works out as expected. In a game, players need to be able to quickly identify variables and revise their plans to become a strong team. So the coach’s story is important, but the players also need their own thoughts on the court,” he urged the players to move actively.

Player Han continued, “On this day, KEPCO endured receiving better than usual. However, it was regrettable that our team’s middle blockers could not calculate such a change and moved only as they had previously prepared. I won, but it was an unsatisfying part. Regardless of the outcome, it has to be pointed out,” he said calmly.  토토사이트

Even though it was an interview after the victory, the atmosphere was somewhat subdued, and the two players burst into laughter with humorous answers. Regarding the sluggish performance in the second round, Lincoln said, “I had some health problems. I struggled both physically and mentally. I am grateful that Lim Dong-hyuk filled my position well. The team helped me a lot so I could focus on my recovery. I will work harder in the future.”

In response, one player said, “Unlike how it looks, there are a lot of minor illnesses. A cold, a body aches…” he teased Lincoln humorously. When asked if he was having trouble with the cold in Korea, Lincoln said, “No. I also played in Russia,” and everyone in the interview room burst into laughter. He was infinitely calm when talking about volleyball, but the appearance of exchanging jokes like friends behind it was an ideal site for construction division.