‘Daejeon Teacher Death’ Presumed Perpetrator’s Parent Store “Termination of Franchise Agreement”

In connection with the death of a Daejeon elementary카지노 school teacher, a store known to be run by the perpetrator’s parents has terminated its contract with the franchise headquarters.

The franchise headquarters said that regardless of the facts, the store owner had voluntarily communicated his intention to close the business in order to avoid causing damage to the brand and other branches, and that the franchise agreement had been canceled as of yesterday (11th).

He added that he hopes that such pain will not be repeated again and that he prays for the soul of the deceased teacher and expresses his deepest condolences to his bereaved family.

An elementary school teacher in Daejeon made an extreme choice on the 5th and died two days later. As it is known that the deceased teacher suffered from malicious complaints from some parents, strong criticism continues against stores run by parents who were identified as perpetrators.

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