Darvish, 7 innings, 12K, 1 run scored support ‘zero’

San Diego Padres starter Darvish Yu threw well, but was not supported for scoring.

Darvish started the home game against the Milwaukee Brewers held at Petco Park in San Diego, California on the 17th (Korean time), recording 7 innings, 4 hits, 2 walks, 12 strikeouts and 1 run. He made 100 pitches and went down the mound. He had a 3.44 earned run average.

He came down from a situation where the team was trailing 0-1 and could not be the winning pitcher. Rather, they were driven to the brink of losing their second game of the season.

On this day, he dazzled Milwaukee batters by throwing various pitches, including a sweeper with an average speed of 81.6 mph, a sinker with an average speed of 93.2 mph, a splitter with an average speed of 89.1 mph, a four-seam fastball with an average speed of 94.3 mph and a slider with an 85.2 mph.

Milwaukee hitters took a total of 46 swings against him, 19 of which were misses, or 41% of them. That’s how powerful his pitching was.

All 12 strikeouts came out on a swing. It is the first time since he struck out 11 strikeouts in a game against Detroit on July 27 last year.

He allowed 13 batted balls, but only three hard hits with a double exit velocity of 95 mph or more and only one solid hit that hit the launch angle.

The ball hit by Joey Wimmer in the third inning flew 386 feet with a speed of 102.8 mph, but was caught in the center fielder’s glove. It was the only hit in the game that day.

The run in the second inning was the only ‘O-E-T’.메이저놀이터 It was a score I didn’t have to give. After one out, Garrett Mitchell was sent out with an infield hit in front of the third baseman, and he was sent up to third base with a balk and a stolen base. He then homered on Brian Anderson’s sacrifice fly.

While throwing up to the 7th inning, his teammates did not score a single point at bat. Runners went out in scoring position in the first and second innings, but there was no response. In the end, he had to come down the mound in a 0-1 trail.

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