Defeat Songdo Middle School and advance to the quarterfinals

 The difference in organizational power divided the game.

On the 27th at the Ulsan National University Gymnasium in Ulsan, Song Do-joong, the representative of Incheon, won a come-from-behind victory against the Chungnam representative Cheonan Seong-seong 93-77 on the second day of the 52nd National Youth Sports Festival men’s under 16 years old and became the protagonist in the last quarter.

In addition to Kim Min-ki (194cm, F),안전놀이터 who led the attack this season, Song Do-joong also scored 34 points by consistently scoring goals throughout the game, and Seo Shin-woo (187cm, G) also scored 25 points for the team. It became a strong support for victory.

Cheonan Seongjung played a tight game with Song Do-jung due to a field goal that broke out in the early part of the game, but unfortunately collapsed as they failed to score due to a somewhat unreasonable attack in the second half of the game.

In the previous match, Seoul representative Sam Seon-jung, who won two gold medals this season, showed off her skills one step above, winning 97-49, Jeonnam representative Yeocheon Middle School, and advanced to the quarterfinals.

In Samseonjung, four key players scored in double digits, and all 12 entries scored in the game, showing off their appearance as the strongest candidates for the championship in this tournament.

In addition, Jeonju Namjung, representing Jeonbuk, won 105-77 during the match against Daejeon, amid an even performance, with Son Gwang-won, the main player scoring 23 points, and advancing to the semi-finals with Samsun Middle School.

In the third match for men’s U16 and under, Gangwon representative Wonju Pyeongwon Middle School overcame a fierce slugfest and won 89-69, Busan representative Geummyeong Middle School.

After taking a narrow lead in the first quarter, Pyeongwon Middle School successfully blocked Keum Myung Middle’s wave of attacks with tenacious defense, ending the game with a victory.

Meanwhile, in the women’s under-16 competition held at the Ulsan National University of Science and Technology Gymnasium, Dongju Girls’ Middle School, representing Busan, won 67-58 after a slugfest, and entered the quarterfinals with the best surprise of the tournament.

In addition, in the match between Buil Girls’ Middle School representing Incheon and Yeonggwang Hongnong Middle School representing Jeonnam, Buil Girls’ Middle School, which showed a salty water defense that allowed only 2 points to the opponent in the 2nd quarter, won 65-31 and advanced to the next round.

Seonil Women’s Middle School, representing Seoul, which has been playing for a long time, also won Daegu Hyosung Middle School with a score of 90-46, while Bong Eui-jung, representing Gangwon, kept the lead he had gained at the beginning of the game until the end, beating Sangju Girls’ Middle School 57-48, and moved on to the next round.

<Match Result>

Men U16 and under
Seoul Samseon Middle School 97(32-17, 26-9, 20-11, 19-12)49 Jeonnam Yeocheon Middle Jeonbuk
Jeonju Middle School 105(38-18, 23-17, 27-14, 17-28)77 Daejeon Daejeon Middle School
Gangwon Pyeongwon Middle School 89(18-14, 23-14, 26-18, 22-23)69 Busan Geummyeong Middle School
Incheon Songdo Middle School 93(20-20, 27-26, 21-12, 25 -19)77 Chungcheongnam-do Cheonanseong Middle School

Girls U16 and under Pusan
​​Dongju Girls’ Middle School 67(12-13, 20-19, 17-15, 18-11)58 Gyeonggi Cheongsol Middle School
Incheon Buil Girls’ Middle School 65(17-7, 25-2, 7-5, 16-17)31 Jeonnam Younggwang Hongnong Middle School
Seoul Seonil Girls’ Middle School 89(33-5, 19-4, 20-17, 17-20)46 Daegu Hyoseong Middle School
Gangwon Bongui Middle School 57(19-11, 12-18, 14-10, 12-9)48 Gyeongbuk Sangju Girls’ Middle School

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