Director Joo Hee-jung thinks Moon Yoo-hyeon’s greatest strength is defense.

 Korea University will be playing in a power leak for the time being. Korea University coach Joo Hee-jeong cited Moon Yoo-hyeon’s greatest strength as his defense.

Korea University is on the verge of winning the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League regular season with a 10-game winning streak. By defeating Yonsei University (8 wins and 1 loss), which they were winning together, they rose to the advantage of winning the regular league championship. There is a 99% chance that Korea University will win the regular league.

Ahead of the opening of this season, coach Joo Hee-jung said, “This year’s goal is to win all championships without defeat,” and Yang Jun also said, “The goal for both the coach and us is to win the championship.”토토사이트

Korea University suffered an unexpected loss to Chung-Ang University last year, missing the opportunity to secure the regular league championship on the home court, and confirmed the championship in an away game against Chosun University.

Korea University worked diligently from winter training, determined not to repeat the mistakes of last year, and had four games left until the first stage of that goal, a regular league victory.

Korea University will play the remaining four games without freshmen Yuhyeon Moon, Minsoo Yoo, and Gichan Yoon. This is because the three players will start training in preparation for the FIBA ​​U19 Basketball World Cup to be held in Hungary next month.

According to what is known, the U19 national team was scheduled to start training on the 24th, but the scheduled team convocation date was changed to the evening of the 26th. It was for Korea University, Yonsei University (Lee Hae-sol), and Sungkyunkwan University (Kang Seong-wook, Kim Yun-seong) to play at least one more college basketball league game with their full strength. Thanks to this, Moon Yoo-hyeon, Yoo Min-soo, and Yoon Ki-chan were able to compete against Yonsei University.

Even before entering college, much attention was paid to Yoo Min-soo, Yoon Ki-chan, and Lee Dong-geun, who made forward basketball possible. However, among the freshmen of Korea University, the player who receives the most criticism is Moon Yoo-hyeon.

Moon Yoo-hyeon recorded the most appearances in the team in 4 out of 9 matches before the match against Yonsei University. It is said that the physical condition of Kim Do-eun and Park Jung-hwan, who have to play as point guards, is not perfect, but coach Joo Hee-jung acknowledged Moon Yoo-hyeon’s skills to that extent.

Moon Yoo-hyeon averaged 10.9 points, 3.8 rebounds, 5.6 assists, 2.6 steals, and a 3-point shot success rate of 43.3% (13/30) in 9 games before the game with Yonsei University.

Ahead of the match against Yonsei University, coach Heejeong Joo said, “Moon Yoohyeon started playing basketball when he was young, knows basketball, and has excellent defense skills as well as running the game.”

In order for Korea University to win easily, Yonsei University’s main gun, Yu-gi-sang, must be tied up, but coach Hee-jeong Joo recognized Moon Yoo-hyeon’s defensive ability to the extent that he even entrusted him with that important role.

A professional club scout who watched the match between Korea University and Yonsei University also agreed with coach Ju Hee-jung, saying Moon Yoo-hyeon’s defensive ability was good.

Head coach Joo Hee-jung emphasized that in order to win big against Yonsei, three-point shots must be made. Korea University made 12 3-point shots, and the leading players were Park Moo-bin and Moon Yoo-hyeon. Park Moo-bin made 4 and Moon Yoo-hyeon made 3 3-pointers.

Moon Yoo-hyeon recorded 11 points and 2 steals, including 3 3-point shots, in the first match against Yonsei University after entering college. Although rebounds and assists were less than usual, Moon Yoo-hyeon scored the second most points on the team and contributed to the ninth division winning the regular league championship.

Korea University will play against Dongguk University (June 2), Chung-Ang University (June 7), Konkuk University (June 15), and Sangmyung University (June 26) without Yoohyeon Moon, Minsoo Yoo, and Gichan Yoon.

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