Even brushing causes blisters… The bug that created the ‘Jamboree’ patients one after another

It is said that one of the toughest things at the Jamboree is bugs메이저놀이터.

Let’s take a look at the article that even insect bite patients are appearing one after another.

This is the leg of a student who participated in the Jamboree Competition.

You can see students like this, full of insect bites.

According to the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, among the Jamboree-related patients that occurred on the 3rd, 36% of patients were caused by insects, the most.

The main culprit is an insect called ‘Blue ant half wing’, also called a burn bug.

These bugs live in wet areas such as rice fields, but are known to have a strong tendency to enter campsites with lights on because of their attraction to light at night.

When stimulated, it emits a toxic substance called pederin, which burns as if it were burned, and causes redness and blistering of the skin just by rubbing or touching the skin.

If you come into contact with an insect, the article said that you should not touch or scratch the wound, and wash it thoroughly with running water or soap.

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