Even if they die, Sunderland returns to the EPL?…Advancing to the dramatic promotion PO → Overcoming pain and challenging promotion in 6 years

Sunderland aims for promotion to the English Premier League (EPL) for the first time in six years.

Sunderland reached the final 6th place in the English Championship (second division) in the 2022-23 season. Until the end, it competed with Blackburn Rovers and Millwall. Although they had the same points as Blackburn, they were ahead on goal difference and climbed to 6th place to play the play-off semi-finals with 3rd place Luton Town. If you catch Luton, you will have a playoff final with the winners of 4th place Middlesbrough and 5th place Coventry.

Sunderland was once the backbone of the EPL. He stayed in the EPL for 10 seasons from the 2007-08 season. There was also a relegation crisis, but as it endured, it was called the king of survival along with Wigan Athletic. In Korea, it is known as the team where Ji Dong-won and Ki Sung-yueng played. Then, when they were relegated in the 2016-17 season, they fell to the Championship. What was more shocking was that they were relegated again the following season and fell to the English League 1 (third division).

For a while, it was out of sight of football fans, but it became an issue again as the Netflix documentary program ‘Sunderland Even If I Die’ became famous. The documentary properly showed the situation in Sunderland, telling us where the problem was and why it was experiencing such a downturn. Soccer fans were enthusiastic about the realistic and gruesome content.먹튀검증

Sunderland, who fell to League 1, returned to the championship and sought promotion. Ahmad Diallo, on loan from Manchester United, led the attack with 13 goals. The offense of Ross Stewart and Jack Clark also stood out. The current manager is Tony Mowbray, who in the past led West Bromwich Albion and Celtic. He is a coach who has coached Kim Doo-hyun and Ki Sung-yong, respectively.

In the midst of a close game until the last minute, they are aiming for promotion by advancing to the playoff semifinals. Opponent Luton is a team with memories of falling to the 5th division outside the professional stage. After being reorganized into the EPL, he has never played in the first division. He climbed up step by step and reached the championship, and climbed to 3rd place, aiming for the first promotion to the EPL. It is a team as desperate as Sunderland. The same goes for Middlesbrough and Coventry, who are in the playoffs together.

The first leg between the two teams will be held on May 13 (Korean time), and the second leg will be held on the 16th after three days off.

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