‘Even if you fall, get up anytime… Yoon San-heum, who has already reversed his personal best restraint, seems to have broken through the limit

Not only the appearance of pitching, but also the path he has walked so far makes my heart feel hot. As a professional baseball pitcher, his physical condition is not exceptional, but he overwhelms hitters bigger than himself with strong rotation and fast arm swing. But maybe the success story really starts from now. Hanwha right pitcher Yoon San-heum (24), who was an unknown pitcher until a few years ago, is continuing a pleasant anti-war drama.

life is reversed Prior to his high school graduation, he was not selected in the draft, and there were no offers for training players. At the same time, he alternately wore the uniform of an independent club and a professional club. Usually, I put down the baseball in this process, but I did not give up hope. He wore the uniform of the independent club Paju Challengers, Doosan, and again the independent club Score Bonhae, then joined Hanwha in June 2021 as a Yukseon player and successfully returned to his professional career.

His real twist was last year. The pitcher, who had a maximum velocity of 145 km, constantly trained himself and made the highest velocity an average velocity. The maximum speed is 150 km, an increase of 5 km. He naturally pitched in a winning group as well. His long hair and dynamic pitching form earned him the nickname ‘Korea’s Lincecum’, and in fact, like Lincecum, he established himself as a giant killer.

The high fastball that passes through the top of the strike zone without hesitation and the sharp curve that falls have become trademarks. Big hitters were also embarrassed by the aggressive pitching. He played 33.2 innings in 37 games in the 2022 season, with an ERA of 2.67 and an average batting average of 0.189 with 3 holds. Although there are not many samples, it is a record that is not unreasonable to see as the starting point of a life reversal.

Not satisfied here. He made his name known for the first time in his baseball life and started to receive expectations from within the club. As much as that, he continues his scoreless march in exhibition games while steadily preparing for the new season from winter. He appeared in 4 games from Daejeon KIA on the 13th to Daejeon SSG on the 20th, and has an average ERA of ‘zero’ with 4 scoreless innings.

The content is as good as the results. I have already recorded 150 km, which I only took once last year, several times in demonstration races. All SSG fastballs had a maximum speed of 150km and an average speed of 148km. Prior to the SSG match on the 20th, Yoon San-heum said, “We moved the off-season training schedule earlier than before. From December, he entered catch ball and continued the training he had done at the club. I wanted to use my body better when pitching while increasing the proportion of weight, so I also did Pilates,” he said. At least 2 km more than at this time last year,” he said.

As of now, the built-in Pilseungjo is likely. Then, the 3-hold recorded last year can be multiplied several times. Yoon San-heum said, “It is fun to come out of a situation where the team is winning. It can be difficult, but I throw it with the heart of enjoying it, so the results seem to come out well.” “But I am not in a state where I can guarantee a seat. We have a lot of good pitchers on our team right now. He promised not to be conceited, saying, “I can’t even guarantee the opening entry before the winning group.”

The direction is clear. advantage is maximized. While making use of his long-term high fastball, he also uses the lower part of the strike zone. He also fits well with pitching coach Park Seung-min, who wore the Hanwha uniform this season. Coach Park has been emphasizing the use of high fastballs and up and down the strike zone since his days at KT. Yoon San-heum said, “The coach said that it is better to use the top and bottom of the strike zone rather than the left and right sides of the strike zone. Do not throw too full and ask to enter high in the middle aggressively. It is my style to actively compete without avoiding it.”

It’s not just a mindset. 메이저사이트After failing several times and getting frustrated, I became stronger. In the match against SSG on the 20th, his foot tripped on the mound while pitching, and a balk was declared, but it did not collapse. As always, he got up right away and threw a 150km fastball and recorded a hold. Breaking the 150 km limit is imminent. Yoon San-heum’s life reversal is also currently in progress.

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