FA was postponed two days short, but there is no starting spot. Aiming for a new leap forward with all-weather backup

 I couldn’t become a free agent with a difference of two days. Naturally, he became a lucky FA. Now you have to start with a backup and aim for a reversal.

Kim Min-seong (34), who was the main third baseman for the LG Twins, did not become a free agent for the second time after this season. Kim Min-seong, who came to LG as a first free agent in 2019 with a sign and trade, only registered 143 days in the first group due to a thigh injury in 2020. Two days were short of 145 years of free agency, and these two days created a situation where you have to play one more year to become a free agent.

After next season, he will become a second free agent. position has declined. He is no longer the starting third baseman. At the beginning of the season, he gave up his seat to foreign hitter Rio Ruiz, and later, his junior Moon Bo-kyung took over.

Kim Min-seong also suffered from batting this season. He had a batting average of . 2.7 (29 hits in 140 at-bats), with only three home runs and 20 RBI. He appeared primarily as a major defensive end.

He turned into a second baseman at the end of the second half and got a chance to play at second base with Seo Gun-chang, but it was not enough time to create a turnaround.

Next season will be the most important season for me. Even if it’s not a jackpot, you have to shake off 2 years of sluggishness in order to get an FA opportunity. 토토사이트

It is fortunate for him that director Yeom Gyeong-yeop, who was with him during his heyday of Nexen, took over as the LG command tower. It’s because he knows the good batting look.

Manager Yeom has a plan to use Kim Min-seong as an all-weather backup. It means that he will use his good defensive power sufficiently because he can play 2nd, 3rd and 1st base. If he gets better at batting too, he might get a starting chance with Seo Geon-chang and the platoon system at second base.