‘Firepower Explosion’ Jeonju Namjung, Geummyeongjung defeated and streaked

Jeonju Namjung, whose firepower exploded, ran a winning streak.

Jeonju Namjung defeated Geummyeongjung 113-80 in the second day of the South Central Group A qualifier for the 2023 Federation President, which continued at the Victorio Gymnasium at Seongui High School in Gimcheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do on the 3rd. Jeonju Namjung, where all players tasted goals, recorded two wins in the preliminaries and advanced to the finals.

Kim Jun-hwan (183cm, F) and Jang In-ho (188cm, C) led the attack with a double-double, and five players scored in double digits. In addition, the superiority in air supremacy (56-33) was also a factor in the victory.크크크벳

Geum Myung-jung put Lee Yun-woo (196cm, C) and Jeong Seung-ri (175cm, G) at the forefront, but it was not enough to control the opponent’s rising attack power.

Hongdae Bujung in the same group defeated Gwangshinjung 88-82 after a slugfest and won their first victory in the tournament.

A showdown was held between Hongik University Junior High School Lee Joon-hyeok (180cm, G) and Gwangshinjung Park Seung-chan (183cm, G). Lee Jun-hyeok attacked the opponent’s goal with an accurate attack and scored 34 points, while Park Seung-chan scored 37 points, maintaining a hot fingertip sensation like the previous day.

Amid fierce battles throughout the game, Ahn Ki-beom (183cm, F) and Oh Young-hoo (184cm, G) added supporting fire to Hongdae Bujung, who smiled in victory.

In the match between Hwabong Middle School and Pyeongwon Middle School, Hwabong Middle School overcame Pyeongwon Middle School and won 78-67, and Seongnam Middle School in Group C was played by the trio of Park Gyeong-min (177cm, G), Lee Jae-seong (183cm, G), and Kim Jae-yong (186cm, F). Thanks to that, he won a great victory, 99-72, during the main season.

In group D, Dandaebujung and Samiljung were the winners. Dandaebu Middle School defeated Gyeseong Middle School 55-51 through a close game, and Samil Middle School also boasted a superior power and easily beat Gunsan Middle School 82-55 to secure a ticket to the finals.

Meanwhile, in the match between Whimoon Middle School and Lim Ho-jung held at Gimcheon National Sports Center, Whimoon Middle School was defeated by Im Ho-jung 74-64, and Song Do-jung in Group F, Kim Min-gi (194cm, F) and Lee Ju-ho (188cm, F) scored 56 points together. Kim Seung-yoon (183cm, G), who struggled with 36 points, defeated Donga Middle School 86-76.

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