First interview in my life’ Youngchan Lim of Song Do-go “Role model? Heo Woong”

The tension of the first interview was greater than the tension of the first competition in 3rd grade.

Songdo High School lost 87-93 to Hongik University High School in the round of 16 at the ’48th Association Long-term National Men’s and Women’s Middle and High School Basketball Glory Tournament’ held at the National Sports Center in Yeonggwang Sportium, Jeollanam-do on the 9th.

Songdo High School, which reached the quarterfinals of the spring competition last March, finished in the round of 16 this year.

Forward Lim Yeong-chan (188cm), a senior at Songdo High School, recorded 16 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists by making 3 3-pointers while digesting 40 minutes in the round of 16.

Lim Young-chan looked back on the tournament, saying, “I finished the first tournament in a good mood. This time, I continued the flow and aimed for a higher score than the previous tournament.

Songdo High School also talked about basketball. He said, “I pursue free basketball within the promised framework,” and “personally, I am confident in movement, shooting, and breakthrough without the ball.”

Unlike the 1st and 2nd graders, the mental burden is different in the 3rd grade. Because it is no different from other high school students preparing for the entrance exam. These burdens and environments have some effect on performance.

Lim Young-chan said,토토사이트 “It’s definitely different from my freshman and sophomore years. I was comfortable then, but now I have a lot of pressure ahead of the entrance exam. So I practice more.” I couldn’t show it. After that, I tried to relax and was able to find myself right away.”

Usually, when you go to college or become a pro, you often play a different or different position from the basketball you played on your childhood team.

Lim Young-chan said, “Coach Ho Choi always plays basketball and emphasizes the accuracy of finishing the fast break. I want to practice the role of second position in offense and defense in the future.” And because I want to do that in the second position from now on.”

He concluded with a smile, “This is my first interview. I’m so nervous I don’t know what I said.”

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