First ‘Rookie’ win of the season… Bang Sin-sil “Champion Joe failed twice, it was a valuable lesson”

“Two failures in the championship group taught me a lesson” KLPGA Tour ‘rookie’ Bang Shin-sil lifted the trophy in the third challenge in the championship group.

In the final round of the KLPGA Tour E1 Charity Open held at Seongmunan CC in Wonju City, Gangwon Province on the 28th, Bang Shin-sil recorded two birdies without a bogey and shot a 2 under par 70. Bang Shin-sil, who recorded a final total of 9 under par 207 strokes, beat the tie for second place group by two strokes and rose to the top.

Bang Shin-sil, who debuted on the KLPGA tour this year, competed to win the KLPGA Championship last month and the championship group on the final day of the NH Investment & Securities Ladies Championship two weeks ago. However, they finished the event in 4th and 3rd place, respectively.

In particular, in the NH Investment & Securities Ladies Championship, she was leading but lost her ranking due to a tee shot error at the 16th hole. However, on this day, he washed away the previous two pains and finally smiled brightly.

After the game, Bang Sin-sil said, “I still can’t feel it, but I’m so happy and it’s like a dream.” He expressed his feelings.

At the same time, Bang Sin-sil said, “Today, I chose a strategy to keep the fairway safe rather than aggressive,” and explained, “The course was wet because of the rain, so the distance was less, but the green received the ball well, so it was easier to attack the iron shot.”

The birdie on the par 5 16th hole was the decisive blow for the championship. Bang Sin-sil caught a birdie in this hole, while Kim Hee-ji and Kim Min-seon, tied for second place, wrote down bogeys. Bang Sin-sil said, “I aimed for two-on, but it rolled around slightly and fell near the green.”

Bang Sin-sil, who was the captain of the national team, entered the KLPGA tour seeding match last year, but only ranked 40th. There were only about 10 competitions that could be played this season. However, by winning this tournament, he won the KLPGA Tour seed for the remainder of this year and the 2025 season.

Bang Sin-sil confessed, “My friends and older sisters all went on the regular tour, but I had a lot of trouble because I couldn’t do that.”

He also revealed the secret of his long hit, which averaged 259.6 yards. Bang Shin-sil said, “I did speed training for 1.5 hours each morning, lunch, and dinner for two and a half months in winter training in Thailand.” Explained.

Bang Sin-sil, who is a ‘role model’ for Ko Jin-young, who, like herself, was the captain of the national team and rose to the top of the women’s world rankings, said, “I want to enter the LPGA tour as long as I have my skills, and my goal is to become the world’s No. 1.” It was our goal to obtain a regular tour seed, but we achieved it quickly.”메이저사이트

Bang Sin-sil also expressed her aspirations, “I want to consistently be in the top 10. I will put my greed on being a rookie and do my best in each competition.” At the same time, he chose the ‘KB Financial Championship’ hosted by his main sponsor as the tournament he wanted to win.

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