For Comet Express, WBC is… Washing away Olympic regrets and building Transformers GG pride

I took the opportunity to wash away the regrets of the Olympics.

‘Comet Express’ Kim Hye-seong (Kiwoom) isn’t a starter in the upcoming WBC, but she wouldn’t have thought anyone would not be picked for the 30-man final. This is because she is the most versatile of the 15 fielders selected for the national team. It seems that this competition will have more room for entry management than other international competitions. Even so, the importance of multiplayer in international competitions need not be explained.

Kim Hye-seong made a great transition to second base last year. In 129 games, he had a batting average of .318 with 4 homers, 48 ​​RBIs, 81 points and 34 stolen bases for an OPS of .776. The fact that he was unable to become the King of Stealers due to two injuries and a blank period was in the ok. However, at this point, he is the league’s best hotajunjok, and he is the center infielder.

According to Statties, a baseball statistics site, Kim Hye-seong was second in the most innings for a second baseman with 1085⅔ innings in the 2022 season. He was third in the league and first among infielders with a WAA of 1.320. He was third in the league and first among second basemen with a 94.56% batted-out percentage. He deservedly won a Golden Globe. He became the first shortstop-second baseman Golden Globe ever.

Kim Hye-seong is basically a backup second baseman in the upcoming WBC. In 2021 he will be behind National League second baseman Gold Glover Tommy Edman (St. Louis Cardinals). However, he can play the second base defense and the runner-up roll if necessary. Oh Ji-hwan (LG) is a big-time backup, but a shortstop is always possible. He can be put in as a pinch hitter and perform bench operations such as bunts and hits and runs.

For such Kim Hye-seong, the international competition remains a regret. Two years ago she participated in the Tokyo Olympics for the first time in her life, but she did not get the desired result. It is said that the players who did not receive military service benefits at the time were shocked by realizing the cold current state of Korean baseball more than that.

However, Hyesung Kim has grown and matured beyond recognition in the past year and a half. Opportunities to hit in important matches in the first round, such as Australia and Japan, are not often given, but it is a card that can change the atmosphere of the dugout by playing a necessary role in the national team at any time.

Furthermore, it is a valuable opportunity for Kim Hye-sung to test her value on the international stage. Recently, there are talks about Kim Hye-sung’s possibility of advancing to the major leagues. WBC is not the end either. Whether or not the KBO raises the age limit for the September Hangzhou Asian Games to 25 years old, there is a possibility that he will get a chance to play as a starting second baseman in the Asian Games with his skills because he was born in 1999.

In addition, 2023 is a series of challenges for 토토 Kim Hye-sung, including Kiwoom’s first Korean Series championship and the second baseman Golden Glove award for two consecutive years. If the WBC, which is approaching right in front of you, is solved well, the heyday of Kim Hye-sung’s baseball life will be wide open.