‘For Sucrai to become so many smiles~’ Suarez must break the vicious cycle of large runs in 1 inning

No matter how good a pitcher is, he allows hits and runs. Even the pitchers who have become the best pitchers of all time so far have no 0 ERA. Pitchers are sometimes able to pitch scoreless pitches for several games and sometimes even allow a large number of runs. But good pitchers remain consistent.

The nickname of Albert Suarez (Samsung Lions) is Sukra. It is a nickname given because he does not follow Seungwoon. He threw well and came down with the requirements to win, but it was because of many games that he missed a win due to arson in the bullpen.

Suarez, who entered the KBO League in the 2022 season, started in 30 games and made 19 quality starts (6 innings or less) with an average ERA of 2.49, ranking 4th. An Woo-jin (Kiwoom Heroes), who ranked first in ERA (2.11), had 15 wins, Kim Gwang-hyun (SSG Landers), who was second, had 13 wins, and Adam Plutko (LG Twins), who was third, had 15 wins.

Casey Kelly (LG Twins, 2.54), fifth in ERA, took first place with 16 wins. Suarez was the only pitcher with 6 wins and 8 losses among eight pitchers with an ERA in the 2-point range with less than 10 wins. Even among 19 pitchers with an average ERA of 3 points, including teammates David Buchanan, Sohn Joon, Ko Young-pyo (above kt Wiz) and Charlie Barnes (Lotte Giants), Suarez had the fewest wins.

Suarez succeeded in renewing the contract for the 2023 season despite such external performance. Salary was also raised from $1 million to $1.3 million in total. It was only that Seung-woon did not follow, and his skills were evaluated as being enough for a pitcher with 10 or more wins.

Suarez’s bad luck (?) continues into the 2023 season.

He made 6 quality starts in 10 games, but has only managed to win 1 so far. Losing is 5 losses.

Among the Samsung starting pitchers, the number of wins is the fewest and the number of losses is the most. This year is still worthy of being called Sukra.

In particular, even after pitching three times this season, he won only once against the Kiwoom Heroes on May 4th. On April 28th, against kt in Suwon, the first victory of the season seemed to be okay, leading 8-0 to 7th inning scoreless pitching, but he missed the victory by giving up 8 runs in 8th inning from the bullpen, and on May 24th against Doosan in Jamsil, The innings were scoreless, but the batting line could not score a single run.

However, unlike this, it is worth paying attention to the fact that there have been many defeats due to large losses in the early stages.

First of all, Suarez played QS 19 times last year, but played 4 or more games 7 times. This year, it is 5 times in 10 games.

The match against Hanwha Eagles in Daejeon on the 4th is representative. He gave up 4 runs in the 1st inning and 2 runs in the 2nd inning, giving up 8 hits, 3 walks and 9 runs in 4⅔ innings. On May 30th, in the literary SSG match, it was a large number of runs in a row following 3 runs in the 1st inning.

It doesn’t stop there. On April 2nd, the second game of the 2023 opening, against Daegu NC Dinos, he scored 6 runs by scoring 3 consecutive runs in the 2nd and 3rd innings, and on April 15, he scored 4 runs in 5 innings against the Daegu Lotte Giants, and on May 17, Daegu KIA Tigers Previously, he had 4 runs in 3 innings.

In fact, this phenomenon appears several times in the 2022 season.

In other words, they give up 3-4 runs in the first or second inning and hold on well for the rest of the innings. Last year, there were four games in which four runs were allowed in one inning before the third inning.

Moreover, against Changwon NC on July 3 of last year, he conceded 4 runs at the end of the 5th inning when he was leading 5-0, and on September 18, against KIA in Daegu, he allowed 5 runs in the top of the 6th inning when he was leading 4-0, leading to a come-from-behind loss.

In other words, there are too many cases where Suarez concedes a large number of runs in one inning. In a bad way, it means that in a game where Suarez is the starter, a lead of 3 or 4 points is not reliable enough to be tied or reversed in an instant. Of course, it is because of nine runs, but Suarez’s average ERA this year has also almost doubled from 2.49 last year to 4.98.메이저사이트

In order for Suarez to become a clear one-two punch for Samsung along with David Buchanan, it is necessary to reduce large numbers of runs in the first inning. That way you can change from sukrai to several smiles.

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