Former President Moon Jae-in, before the bust of the Independence Army, “Do you deny the roots of the armed forces?”

Regarding the controversy over the transfer of the busts of independence activists at the Military Academy, former President Moon Jae-in said, “I express my deep concern about the move to remove the busts of heroes of the anti-Japanese armed independence movement on the campus of the Military Academy.”

Former President Moon said on Facebook on the 27th, saying, “Do you deny that the roots of our armed forces are also in the Korean Independence Army and the Liberation Army, just as the Republic of Korea has its roots in the Provisional Government?”

Then, he pointed out, “Should the busts of the heroes of the anti-Japanese armed independence movement who lost their national sovereignty and wandered to Manchuria, Maritime Province, and Central Asia to spend their nights lounging richly should be wandering here and there in Korea today?” .

Furthermore, he asked the Yoon Seok-yeol government, “It is not shameful to listen to public opinion and reconsider, so please consider it.”

Previously, on March 1, 2018, the Korea Military Academy erected busts of five people (Kim Jwa-jin, Hong Beom-do, Lee Hoi-young, Lee Beom-seok, and Ji Cheong-cheon) who led the independence army during the Japanese colonial era in front of the central entrance of Chungmugwan to commemorate the fact that the roots of the armed forces go back to the independence army메이저사이트. It is. However, there has recently been a movement to consider removing or relocating the bust.

In particular, Minister of National Defense Lee Jong-seop mentioned at the National Assembly’s National Defense Committee on the 25th, “It was pointed out that there should be people with communist background in the military.” It seems that former President Moon criticized this with remarks aimed at General Hong Beom-do, who cooperated with the Soviet authorities and joined the Communist Party due to the environment in which he had to work within the Soviet Union.

In 2021, during the tenure of former President Moon, the remains of General Hong Beom-do were returned from Kazakhstan and buried at the Daejeon National Cemetery. At the time, former President Moon said in his Chunyeom address, “All kinds of adversity that our people had to go through in modern and contemporary history are ingrained in the lives of the Goryeoin compatriots, including the general, who had to leave his country and flow to Manchuria, Maritime Province, and Central Asia.”

The controversy over the removal and relocation of the busts of the five independence activists has expanded to ideological and historical disputes, and the battle is gradually intensifying.

In an open letter sent to Minister Lee Jong-seop on the same day, Liberation Chairman Lee Jong-chan said, “North Korea has been promoting Kim Il-sung as the supreme leader of the armed independence struggle, so it did not take the remains of the greater General Hong Beom-do, and rather hindered our return project.” “If we suddenly accuse General Hong Beom-do of being a communist and remove the bust, it will ultimately benefit North Korea,” he said.

He then criticized, “Which country are you the defense minister who has lost your national conscience?”

Rep. Shin Won-sik of People’s Power said, “The Korean War was an anti-national and anti-humanitarian crime caused by Kim Il-sung with the support of the Soviet Union.” Does it make sense?” he pointed out.

“It was also installed in front of the entrance of the general lecture building where cadets go to study every day. “Are you saying you want the cadets to be communists as role models?” he refuted, saying, “Should the Minister of National Defense resign because the Army is prioritizing the heroes who defended the country from North Korea’s aggression?”

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