France was the hottest last year… “Signs of Climate Change”

The year 2022 in France was recorded as the hottest year ever and a year with severe drought.

The French Meteorological Office said on the 6th (local time) that last year’s average temperature in mainland France was 14.51 degrees Celsius, the highest since observations began in 1900.

The previous highest record 메이저사이트 was 14.07 degrees in 2020. If you line up the average annual temperature, eight of the top 10 warmest years have occurred since 2010.

The French Meteorological Agency analyzed this as a “sign of climate change”.

The Korea Meteorological Administration said, “The average temperature on the European continent has risen more than twice as fast as the global average over the past 30 years.”

2022 was also the year with less rain. It was the second driest year on record since records began in 1959.

Rainfall fell 10 to 40 percent below normal in all French provinces, and three-quarters of the total surface area suffered from drought.

The exceptionally warm and dry weather in the spring and summer of last year contributed to increasing damage from wildfires in various parts of France last summer.

As the sweltering heat of over 40 degrees continued, the temperature of the river became hot, which also hit the nuclear power plant that uses nearby river water as cooling water.

Earlier, the UK Meteorological Office also announced that the average annual temperature last year was 10.03 degrees Celsius, the first time it had exceeded 10 degrees Celsius since the start of weather observations.

An official from the Korea Meteorological Administration said, “The annual average temperature of 10 degrees in the UK would only happen once every 500 years in a natural state without human activity, but now it will happen every three to four years.”