From friend to foe…’I’ll go to the final’

The team that will face Messi’s Argentina in the final will be decided tomorrow morning.

The confrontation between Mbappe of France and Hakimi of Morocco, two friends of the same age, is also a hot topic.

Who will face Messi?

This is reporter Lee Myung-no.

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Mbappe, along with Messi, are joint leaders with five goals in this tournament.

Hakimi, the leader of Morocco’s defense, conceded the fewest points in the tournament and did not concede a single goal to the opponent.

Both players are from Paris Saint-Germain and are best friends of the same age.

It’s only been a year and a half since Hakimi moved in, but the two, who are united by the common ground of being second-generation immigrants, are close enough to sit side by side during training as well as while on the road by private jet, playing games and carrying out social contribution activities together.

“Are you Moroccans? There are Moroccans here.”

However, ahead of the threshold of the World Cup final, they were placed on the ironic fate of having to cross each other.

Mbappe is a left-sided attacker and Hakimi is a right-sided defender, so a head-on collision is inevitable.

A few months ago, during the Qatar pre-season tour, the story became reality like a lie.

“If we play against Morocco after passing the group stage… We have to destroy this guy.”

“I’m going to kick you.”

“My heart hurts, but what can I do? This is soccer.”

After Morocco reached the quarterfinals, Mbappe personally went to the dorm to congratulate Hakimi. The joys and sorrows of dawn are bound to be mixed. 토토사이트

[Kylian Mbappe/France National Soccer Team]
“I came here to achieve my only dream of winning the World Cup.”

[Ashraf Hakimi/Morocco soccer team]
“We are very happy. We are making history, which was a dream for us.”

Morocco, who wants to see the end of the incident against France, which was under colonial rule, and France, who is trying to win the championship twice in a row for the third time in 60 years.

Not only the historic confrontation between the two teams, but also the uncompromising match between the two friends is attracting great attention.

This is MBC News Lee Myung-no.

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