Han Seung-hyuk, who has a good match, feels like a great trade… 151 km ‘4G zero point’ to be controlled

 4 games in a row without a goal. From the spring camp practice game to the demonstration game, the stable pitching of Han Seung-hyeok (30, Hanwha), a ‘transfer student’, makes the trade a success. 

Han Seung-hyuk made a three-way inning with 10 balls in an exhibition game against Daejeon KT on the 16th. Hanwha came up in the 8th inning with a 5-3 lead, caught Jung Joon-young with a ground ball to second base and Ryu Hyun-in with a ground ball to third base, and struck out Min-hyeok Kim on a swing. 

He threw a mix of forkballs (2) and curveballs (1) centered on fastballs (7) with a maximum distance of 151 km and an average of 150 km. It was impressive to catch KT left-handed batter Kim Min-hyeok, who had good contact, with a curveball, draw a miss with a forkball, and then strike out with a high fastball. 

Even in the match against KIA in Daejeon on the 13th, which was the first appearance of the demonstration game, Han Seung-hyuk blocked it with a strikeout in one inning and one strikeout. Three-way innings in two consecutive games. In the spring camps previously held in the United States and Japan, he fought hard with 2 hits, 2 hits, 2 strikeouts, and no runs in 2 games, 2 innings. 

So far, all four games have been pitched one inning each, and it is a scoreless streak of four innings. It is notable that there is not a single pitch while catching 4 strikeouts. He is pitching efficiently with a total pitch count of 48 in 4 innings and 12 per inning. Expectations are rising with the 150km fastball that will be the first ball. 

After the game against KT, Han Seung-hyuk said, “The balance is fine, and the ball goes the way I want, but I think I need to keep the pace. I will try to throw with balance, not strength like now.” It feels like the back of the catcher is short, so I like the feeling of being able to see at a glance.” 

At Daejeon Hanwha Life Insurance Eagles Park, where the distance from the catcher to the backnet is short at 16m, pitchers are less burdened with wide shots. It is an environment where Han Seung-hyuk, who had a lot of violent fights, can relieve his mental burden. Even during his KIA days, he threw well in Daejeon with an average ERA of 3.38 with 2 wins, 1 loss and 1 hold in 15 games (26⅔ innings). Compared to his career ERA (5.84), Daejeon is a good match for Han Seung-hyeok. 

Hanwha coach Carlos Subero also entrusts Han Seung-hyuk with one inning each, inducing him to continue the good trend. Director Subero said,메이저사이트 “I see Han Seung-hyuk very positively. He wants to make people feel the taste of success by throwing short innings like last year’s Si-hwan Jang. He wants to bring out the best Han Seung-hyuk can offer his team as he builds confidence in himself and expands his range of success.” 

Han Seung-hyuk, who came to Hanwha from KIA in November of last year, was classified as a swing man capable of both selection and salvation at the time of the trade. Currently, he is preparing for the season with the bullpen throwing short innings. Han Seung-hyuk said, “I don’t throw long, so I’m throwing as much as possible.” He tries to throw in the direction he wants. Still, I think the restraint will come out more as the season progresses,” he said confidently. 

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