Hana 1Q focused on player growth, hardening in earnest in Taebaek

Hana 1 Q, which has overcome the shock of the last two seasons and is preparing for a twist in the new season, is spurring its full-fledged off-season schedule by conducting physical training in Taebaek.

Hana 1 Q, which started training early last April, is also raising the atmosphere of training by participating in the Taebaek schedule with Kim Jong-un, who was recruited as a free agent. The flow so far is generally satisfactory.

Head coach Kim Do-wan, who is preparing for the second season after taking office, said, “It seems to be going more systematically than last year. We are going well as planned,” he said of the atmosphere at the beginning of training.

In addition, he expressed his expectation, “Because there was a change in the composition of the team, there was a sense of tension and the overall atmosphere seemed to have improved a little.

Shin Ji-hyeon and Yang In-young joined Hana 1 Q as national representatives, and Lee Ha-eun could not participate in training due to knee cartilage surgery. As it is expected to take about 10 months until his return, Lee Ha-eun should be considered difficult to play this season. There are three players who have joined Taebaek and are undergoing rehabilitation: Kim Jong-un, Kim Mi-yeon, and Kim Ha-na.

Director Kim Do-wan said, “Kim Jeong-eun is in the process of rehabilitation because she needs management. Kim Mi-yeon can join in mid-July, so I want to prepare her for the Park Shin-ja Cup. “I think I’ll finish it, but if I build up my body and prepare quickly, I think I might be able to come back in the 4th round of the season.”

Yang In-young and Shin Ji-hyun are holding the center of Hana 1 Q’s inner and outer circumference. Here, Kim Jong-un joined, and Jung Ye-rim, who continued his steep growth last season, is also raising his expectations.

Director Kim Do-wan said, “Last year, in order to diversify the focus on Shin Ji-hyun and Yang In-young, I tried to develop (Jeong) Ye-rim. If one or two more come up, I think I can make the opponent a little more picky.”

Also, “Now is the time for young players to grow. (Kim) Ji-young and (Kim) Ye-jin are missing, so I gave some players homework on who will fill the role. The difference between Shin Ji-hyun and Yang In-young and the younger ones It is true that there are many. Yerim, (Kim) Hana, and (Park) Sohee should come up,” he emphasized.

He also showed expectations for players recruited through trade and FA compensation.

He said, “Eom Seo-i should fill the gap caused by Lee Ha-eun’s injury. (Choi) Ji-seon also had a hard time getting a chance at KB, but in our team, he has a role in that position, so we have to raise it quickly.”

In addition, “Because it is necessary to work hard on defense, fight for one ball and try harder not to give the opponent a chance, basic parts such as physical strength exercise and hip joint exercise are needed so that players can strengthen that part. I am doing a lot,” he explained.

Manager Kim said, “I hope that each player will grow more clearly than last year this season. As there are many young players, then the team’s win rate will naturally rise and the performance will follow suit. Rather than pressuring the players right away,” Kim said. I want to prepare while focusing on the growth of the players.”

Hana 1 Q will conduct Taebaek field training until next week. After that, they will continue team training at Cheongna, Incheon, where they will be staying, and are planning a field training in Japan at the end of July.

We also need to prepare for the Park Shin-Ja Cup Summer League scheduled for the end of August.

Starting this year, about 4 foreign teams with strong capabilities, including the top 2 teams in Japan’s WJBL, are scheduled to participate, so the purpose and status of the Park Shin-Ja Cup, which was focused on discovering promising players in the past, is expected to change. As of now, it is highly likely that national team players will also participate in the Park Shin-Ja Cup.

Director Kim Do-wan said,토토사이트 “If I focused on building my body and physical strength by the end of May, I plan to prepare tactically from June. I think we need to prepare separately. We have a general plan for offense and defense, but from June we will think about how to match in detail and test it.”

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