Hangzhou Asian Games ‘Already Chinese territory?’… I was unable to receive an allocation to the modern pentathlon national team training center.

With the opening of the Hangzhou Asian Games just five days away메이저놀이터, there are setbacks such as the modern pentathlon team not being assigned a training center due to the host country China’s lack of preparation.

Kim Seong-jin, the national team coach for modern pentathlon, met with KBS reporters at the Asian Games athletes’ village in Hangzhou, China on the 18th and said, “Even though it was two days before the game, I received word from the event organizers that training at the stadium would not be possible. Normally, it would take at least three days.” “Previously, official training had to be conducted so that the participating players could get a feel for the actual game, but this is the first time I have seen anything like this,” he expressed his regret.

The modern pentathlon team, led by Tokyo Olympic star Jeon Woong-tae, will hold the individual preliminary round on the 20th. Since the medals will be decided on the 24th, the day after the opening ceremony (23rd) following the semifinals on the 22nd, expectations are rising that this event will deliver the first gold medal for the Korean team.

Accordingly, the modern pentathlon team arrived in the country on the 17th and was preparing for actual practice at the stadium. Coach Kim Seong-jin said, “Due to the nature of modern pentathlon, stadium training where you can directly check the stadium condition is very important. “So, the day after I entered the country, I immediately requested training from the organizing committee, but it was not accepted, so I was only able to do physical training in the athletes’ village,” he repeatedly expressed his disappointment.

Concerns were also raised that the host country, China, was checking the Korean team, but the reason why official training failed was lack of preparation. Coach Kim said, “When I asked the organizing committee directly why it was not possible, I received an answer that the stadium was not yet ready to be opened to the players.”

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