Hanwha’s young blood was outstanding… Geelong Korea Thrilling Finish Victory

Geelong Korea took the victory with the help of Hanwha Eagles’ ‘young blood’.

Geelong Korea won a 4-3 victory over the Melbourne Aces at the Lake Geelong Baseball Center on the 17th.

The performance of Hanwha players was outstanding. Starting pitcher Jeong Yi-hwang (Hanwha) threw 108 pitches in 7 innings, striking out 6 and giving up 3 runs (2 earned runs), making a quality start (6 or more starting innings, 3 earned runs or less). Ha Jun-su (NC) and Oh Yoon-seong (Kiwoom), who came up in the 8th and 9th innings following Jeong Yi-hwang, each blocked one inning with no runs.

On the other line, Park Sang-eon and Park Jung-hyun (above Hanwha) led the team’s offense with multi-hits. 토토사이트

The lead came from Melbourne. Jeong Yi-hwang allowed 3 hits and a walk while allowing 3 runs.

As Jeong Yi-hwang endured without conceding an additional run, the batting line began to gain strength.

Geelong Korea, who had been silent until the 6th inning, made up for one point with Ha Jae-hoon’s double in the 7th inning, and in the 7th inning, Park Jung-hyun and Lee Won-seok’s hits made up a chance and added a point.

Concentration shined in episode 9. Geelong Korea tied the game 3-3 with hits by Ha Jae-hoon and Park Sang-eon and Oh Jang-han’s timely hits.