He hesitated for a while… Kim Min-jae’s statement on his departure

Kim Min-jae, who guarded the rear of Bentuho, made a statement about Korean players’ advancement to Europe on the way back to his team, Naples. Player Kim Min-jae said, “If I dare to say one word, I hope (the club) will send it well if a proposal comes from a European team to Korean players. To be honest, I envy Japan a lot.”

Kim Min-jae, who met with reporters at Incheon International Airport yesterday (14th), revealed his feelings after finishing the World Cup, his thoughts on the appointment of a new national team coach, and his position on the transfer rumor. At the World Cup, he said, “I felt that Asian teams, as well as Korea, were competitive on the world stage.”

When asked if coach Paulo Bento would later settle down in a European club and recruit players from the national team, Kim Min-jae said, “It would be nice if he brought in a lot of players, but that’s not easy. In fact, it’s difficult to advance to Europe in Korea.” . He emphasized, “There are many things to solve with the club. The transfer fee is expensive.” “(In this respect), I envy Japan,” said Kim Min-jae, “There are many European players in Japan, so they are competitive. 토토사이트

Kim Min-jae, who moved to Italy’s Serie A Napoli this summer, also revealed what he felt while playing on the European stage. He emphasized, “In fact, Korean players are talked about with modifiers such as fighting spirit and fighting spirit. However, European players run more and have fighting spirit,” and emphasized, “We need to prepare more in terms of mentality.”

“You have to believe in the national team coach who will be appointed after Bentu,” he said. . Regarding the ‘big club transfer rumor’ raised by some, he dismissed it, saying, “He joined the team less than half a year ago.”

At Napoli, which resumes the season starting with Inter Milan on the 5th of next month, Kim Min-jae expressed his aspirations, saying, “The goal is to win.

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