Helpers to protect SSG “Now just look at their eyes”

We are the SSG training support staff.”

I play every game in every season. He goes to work faster than anyone else, but it is difficult to leave his seat until the end. Day by day continues without a bird to open the eyes. This is why the calls of colleagues from all over the place do not cease. He throws the ball and catches it again and again. However, it is difficult to find in this game. Neither the mound nor the living room are their place. They are training support staff who are well known to fans as a batting ball pitcher and bullpen catcher. If you follow their gaze, you can meet the raw players.

◆ Helpers “always change”

Batting ball pitcher Lee Nam-hyeon (33) and bullpen catcher Kim Gwan-eung (31) are strong supporters of SSG. We have been together since our predecessor, SK. They joined in 2016 and 2013, respectively. Over the years, the accumulated experience has become a valuable asset. If you pretend, you pretend. Now, I can read the players’ minds just by looking at their eyes. It is basic to know the characteristics of each player, and I am drawing in my head how to adjust my hands and feet accordingly. I think and study to help even a little bit more.

They are also well-known faces among fans. In the case of Lee Nam-hyun, he is also the main character who provided the motif for the drama ‘Stove League’, which aired between late 2019 and early 2020. He often shows his face on the club’s social media. He often reproaches each other full of jokes, saying, “Isn’t it a servant of interest?” Lee Nam-hyun said, “I avoid the camera whenever I see it, but he is not. Rather, they are looking for them,” he revealed. Kim Kwan-eung admitted, “I’m the type of person who likes to step out a little,” but replied, “Isn’t it affection for the team?”

◆ “Until trouble” like brothers!

He breathes with the players closest to him. It catches even small changes. There are many times when I know better than the player himself what the condition of the day is like. It goes without saying that we share our concerns. Kim Gwan-eung said, “At Spring Camp, (Moon) Seung-won said he was nervous before starting the practice game. It was the first match since he was injured,” he said. “Seungwon-hyung prepares really hard. He has a lot of greed to do well. When I said I was going to do an interview, he said, ‘My brother really wants to be a starting pitcher this year.’”

It can also serve as an accurate compass. It is a different point of view from the manager and coaching staff. There are many times when he jokes around and makes jokes, but he is serious when it comes to work. Lee Nam-hyun said, “I don’t think saying good things unconditionally is a skill. I’m trying to tell it as it is, directly. In the end, if you listen to it later, what we talked about and what the coaching staff said are similar.” Kim Kwan-eung also said, “Mechanisms are the domain of coaches. From the point of view of receiving the ball, it tells whether it is good or bad,” he said.

◆ “Cry and laugh together” as one mind!

It would be a lie if I said it wasn’t hard. Even if they don’t play in the game themselves, they are also pros. You must always be ready. There are many things to do besides helping the players. It is also true that he is busy throughout the day, but does not stand out much due to the nature of his position. What motivates you to continue doing this? Lee Nam-hyun said, “Even if no one recognizes it, when the player who worked hard together did well, and the game result is good, I feel joy. Conversely, if I can’t hit, I wonder if it’s because of me.”

Fatigue melts away with just one word of warm words. Perceptions have changed a lot since then. Kim Kwan-eung said, “In the past, there were many cases in which young people worked for a short time and then quit. Other teams said the same. I think professionalism is necessary. I want to become a person who is not ashamed of when my younger friends see it.” The expressions of the players also increased significantly. Meal service is basic, and those who prepare gifts are often captured. Kim Gwan-eung raised his thumb, saying, “(Kim) Kwang-hyeon hyung is really the first pick even when he buys food.” At the same time, he added, “It’s not necessarily good to receive something, but I was grateful to feel the heart that thought of it.”

◆ In the 2023 season, I met many players who worked hard . In it, a sober analysis takes place. Because their perspective matters. Here are the key players of the year. Kim Kwan-eung mentioned left-handed pitcher Oh Won-seok. Kim Kwan-eung said,토토사이트 “I usually look a little blurry, but I am surprised every time. He thought he was well prepared to receive the ball during camp. I look forward to seeing how far he can grow.” Lee Nam-hyun chose catcher Lee Jae-won. “I work hard every time, but this year was different. He said he thought it was the last time. I can’t be sure if it will be expressed in the game, but the sweat I shed is real,” he nodded.

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