High school baseball bullying ‘I apologized, but is it not true?’… The son of a professional baseball manager has already apologized to the victim

Last week, a high school baseball school violence incident was reported exclusively.

The father of one of the perpetrators, the professional baseball manager, explained that the victim’s claim was very different from the truth, but it was confirmed that the son of the manager sent an apology text to the victim.

The Sports Ethics Center and the Office of Education also entered into an investigation into the incident.

Reporter Lee Moo-hyung’s report.


After the high school baseball team’s abusive incident became known as KBS’ report, the head of a professional baseball team, the father of one of the perpetrators, told KBS that the victim’s claim was far from the truth.

However, it has been newly confirmed that the perpetrators have already apologized to the victims.

The son of a professional baseball manager apologized to the victim via text message when the school investigation began, saying, “I’m sincerely sorry.”

The other perpetrator also harassed him for over a year, and he admitted his fault by mentioning specific facts, such as saying he was sorry for swearing at his family.

The Sports Ethics Center, an independent organization under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, also launched an investigation into the incident after the report.

[Soundbite] Park Seok-jae(External Cooperation Officer, Center for Sports Ethics) : “We have officially filed the case today. After the incident, we will look into whether the baseball manager and the teacher in charge have fulfilled their duties as sports leaders.

” If you come to know the facts, you have an obligation to immediately report it to the Ethics Center or an investigative agency.

However, the school’s supervisor did not report it to any authorities.

He claimed he did not know there was a duty to report.

[Director of the school’s baseball team: “Because you have to be educated on such sexual violence or school violence. If there was (required reporting clause), I would have done so, if I knew again… I was not aware of it and did not know it.”]

The Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education also launched a special audit.

We are also planning to investigate new allegations, such as whether there was preferential treatment for some players within the baseball team.토토사이트

This is KBS News Lee Moo-hyung.

Cinematographer: Yoon Seong-wook / Video editing: Choi Min-kyung / Graphic production: Chae Sang-woo Kang Min-soo

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