“Hong Beom is also a great independence fighter”… Ilta instructor Jeon Han-gil explains ‘political line’

Jeon Han-gil (53), a lecturer in Korean history who was criticized by some for his reticence on the issue of relocating the bust of General Hong Beom-do at the Korea Military Academy, said, “General Hong Beom-do was a great independence fighter.”

On the afternoon of the 5th, Mr. Jeon posted a post titled ‘Hangilsam’s explanation of General Hong Beom-do, which is hot these days’, on an online cafe.

Mr. Jeon said, “They are making a fuss by saying, ‘Why is there no statement of position?’ Looking at the silence, it must be which side of the political line,’ and making their own conclusions.”

At the same time, he said, “If you want to know what you think about General Hong Beom-do’s achievements, just look at the lecture he uploaded last year,” and added메이저놀이터, “In every lecture, he has consistently lectured as an excellent independent soldier. “No one will have any objection to this,” he said. He continued, “It is a story about past history that has already been revealed and is known, so there is nothing to be controversial about. So, there is nothing new to say in this regard,” he added.

He also gave an explanation, saying, “It had already degenerated into a political issue, so I was just holding back because it was obvious that if I said anything it would cause controversy.” Regarding the controversy related to him, he said, “(I am) not a politician, have no intention of going into politics, have no political interests, and as a civil servant lecturer on Korean history, which I have been doing so far, I only lecture based on facts.” “I hope interest and education will increase,” he said.

Previously, controversy arose last month when Mr. Jeon avoided a specific position in response to a question posted by a student on an online cafe on the 31st, saying, ‘I am curious about what Teacher Han Gil thinks about the issue of General Hong Beom-do, which is currently a huge controversy.’

Mr. Jeon commented, “It is being politicized. “We only need to study the facts about the historical information about General Hong Beom-do,” he said, avoiding a specific answer, saying, “Our cafe considers politics and religion, which are right and wrong for each individual, taboo.”

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