Hong Yoon-gi, who guards the Chilgok Elementary School, “I want to win 5 crowns”

 “It’s a dream to get grades with my classmates and train hard, but I want to win 5 crowns.”

Daegu Chilgok Elementary School defeated Cheonan Bongseo Elementary School 57-27 in the preliminary round of the 22nd Korea Basketball Association National Elementary School Basketball Tournament held at Kimcheon Gymnasium on the 21st, taking first place.

23 teams participated in the men’s elementary school this year. There were 5 groups of 4 teams and 1 group of 3 teams. In a group of 3 teams, if you’re lucky, there’s a good chance you’ll make it to the finals tournament.

For male high school students whose team performance affects their college entrance exams, it can be absolutely advantageous to form three teams in the preliminaries.

However, the story is different if it is an elementary school where team performance does not affect admission. There is an advantage in physical strength by playing even one less game, but it is better to increase the sense of the game and the sense of conceding by playing even one more game.

Moreover, Chilgokcho met with very weak Kukwoncho and Cheonan Bongseocho in the preliminaries. Chilgok Elementary School took a 29-0 lead in the first half against Kukwon Elementary School, and finished the first half 33-3 in the match with Cheonan Bongseo Elementary School.

It can be said that Daegu Chilgokcho did not play the basketball they prepared for in the two qualifying matches. In this case, suddenly meeting a strong team makes the opponent feel stronger.

Among them, Hong Yoon-gi (174cm, C) stands out. Hong Yun-ki scored 10 points, 4 rebounds and 2 blocks in a match against Kukwon Elementary School, and 14 points, 21 rebounds and 3 blocks in a match against Cheonan Bongseo Elementary School.

After confirming his advance to the finals tournament with first place in the group, Hong Yoon-gi said, “I feel good because the results of my hard work from winter training came out. She went to Jeju Island for winter training and trained hard from dawn to afternoon. We made up for our weaknesses by running on the sandy beach at dawn, practicing fast breaks or team tactics in the morning, and playing games in the afternoon.” It didn’t fit well. There are still many mistakes that are not visible to the naked eye.” He looked back on the process of passing the preliminary round.

When asked if he met a weak opponent and won a great victory, Hong Yoon-gi said, “It is the result of our hard work. Even if the opponent is weak, there is no way to just win.”

“I played club basketball (Daebul Sports) for about 7-8 months in 4th grade, and then officially started elite basketball in 5th grade. At first, it was very difficult because the amount of training was much greater than that of club basketball. Hong Yoon-gi said, “I believe that I will get good results in this competition as I become acquainted with my classmates and adapt to the exercise together,” and explained his strengths and weaknesses, saying, “I am good at rebounding now, but the problem is that I am still not good at running fast.”

Although he regretted participating in the fast break, Hong Yoon-ki, who showed room for improvement in the future because of the lightness of the run itself, expected that it would gradually improve, saying, “The coach taught me a lot about how to do it, and I worked so hard.”

Elementary school basketball has just started competing. In the future, we will continue the National Boys Athletic Championships, the National Men’s and Women’s Basketball Championships, the National Youth Harmony Basketball League Championship, and the National Boys and Girls Elementary School Basketball Championships.

Hong Yoon-gi said, “It’s a dream to get grades with my classmates and train hard, but I want to win 5 crowns. I think it will work if I work with the kids a little more,” he revealed his goal.

Last year, Sangsancho won 5 crowns.

When asked if Hong Yoon-gi could win last year against Sangsan-cho, he said, “Compared to Sangsan-cho, my power is still low.”

Hong Yoon-ki said, “I like Antetokounmpo and Durant. Originally, I liked flashy plays like Durant, and I didn’t like post plays, but the coach said I should do a lot of them. It’s not bad when you do it. When I look at Adetokounmpo’s play, it’s not flashy, but I like Antetokounmpo because it’s cool.”

Chilgok Elementary School coach Yoon Hee-jae said, “Hong Yoon-ki is a hard-working and diligent player. He works hard on his own, but in my eyes it is still not enough,” he said. Now, due to the team situation, all the outside players are equipped, so if you play hard under the goal, you can play outside once in a while. In the second half, I plan to teach the outside play as well. He is a player who has to play outside in the future,” explained Hong Yoon-gi.

After taking a day off on the 22nd,메이저놀이터 Chilgok Elementary School in Daegu will face the winners of Seongnam Elementary School in Busan and Songrim Elementary School in Incheon in the quarterfinals.

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