Howe will be fired if Newcastle reach the Champions League… British expert ‘shock claim’

It has been argued that Newcastle United will sack current manager Eddie Howe if they advance to the UEFA Champions League (UCL).

England’s ‘Cut Offside’ reported on the 7th (Korean time), “Stan Collymore has said he will sack Howe once Newcastle qualify for UCL.”

This is real Newcastle. Newcastle became the richest club in the English Premier League (EPL) when it was acquired by the Saudi royal family in 안전놀이터 October 2021. Many football fans predicted that Newcastle would shake up the EPL game with aggressive signings like Chelsea and Manchester City.

It is shaking the game of EPL. However, it was not made as an ‘aggressive recruitment’. Instead of bringing in the best stars at a higher price, Newcastle put effort into embracing proven players in the EPL. There were ‘big signings’ such as Bruno Guimaraes last winter and Alexander Isaac this summer, but the main targets were players who were the main players in the mid-table of the EPL, such as Kieran Trippier, Chris Wood, Dan Byrne, Matt Target, Sven Botman, and Nick Pope. .

The same was true for the selection of directors. Instead of bringing in the world’s best manager right away, Howe, who had consistently performed at Bournemouth, was put in the command tower. After promoting Bournemouth in 2015, he praised his tactically acclaimed career, consistently producing results before relegation in the 2019-20 season. Howe repaid his trust by taking Newcastle, who had been in the relegation zone last season, to 11th place.

Newcastle’s plans this season are working as they should. The synergy of coach Howe, who uses tactics that maximize individual abilities with players who do not need a league adaptation period, is currently causing a stir, ranking third in the league. If they maintain their current ranking and advance to the UCL, they will return to the top stage in Europe after 21 years.

Will coach Howe be able to retain his position after advancing to UCL? Collymore, who played for Liverpool and Aston Villa in the past, looked at it negatively. “If Newcastle make it to Champions League, I’m sure the owners will be talking about sacking Howe and bringing a coach with a lot of experience in Europe, because Howe doesn’t have any (European) experience,” he said. said.

Still, he acknowledged Howe’s current achievements. “What I want to emphasize is that I don’t want that to happen,” Collymore added. “I hope Howe is given the opportunity to challenge UCL.”